About Us

Welcome to The Aesthete Magazine!

The Aesthete is an online magazine geared towards connecting everyone all over the world.

Created in July 2019, The Aesthete works to destroy stigmas, raise awareness, offer outreach, tell entertaining stories, and most importantly, speak out for people who cannot do so for themselves.

We are a group of people who are connected by our passion and perseverance. The Aesthete strives to build off of integrity, cooperation, and understanding. 

The fight is greater than ourselves… 

The Aesthete Magazine provides members with many different affiliations

Social & Network

  • Articles include current world issues, politics, raising awareness, and getting involved your local and worldwide community
  • We touch on topics such as water conservation, food insecurity, gender equality, clean energy, mental health, and more
  • We offer a space for people to share personal experiences that they wish to speak out on. The information given is completely confidential
  • We host Campaigns for Causes monthly for our members to get involved

World of Writing

  • Writing tips, tricks, and hacks for aspiring authors, journalists, screenplay writers, and more
  • Short stories of any and all fiction genres, motivational speeches, and nonfiction works posted by YOU. The members of The Aesthete
  • We write book reviews, recommendations, and interviews from undiscovered and famous authors


  • Articles include music and movie recommendations and reviews
  • Satirical and comedic pieces
  • Opposite of the editorial (op-ed) pieces
  • Interviews on your favorite entertainers, musicians, and influencers

Ask Aesthetes

Our Aesthete Magazine forum where the members can ask other members specific questions, get to know each other, and bond over shared experiences. 

If you are interested in becoming a writer for The Aesthete Magazine, do not hesitate to contact us!

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