Breaking the Mental Health Stigma

Saranya’s Place

January 18, 2020

How can people contribute to create a society where mental health is widely accepted? 

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When it comes to the mental state of one’s well-being, we might often question its importance. We might question many aspects of our psychological, emotional and social well-being.

The overbearing discrimination upon those suffering with mental health issues comes with hopelessness and fewer opportunities due to isolation as ones default mechanism. Situations such as these create a burdening atmosphere where reaching out for help isn’t the first cry.

Our earth is an ever-evolving sphere of life with drastic changes taking place every instant. With rapid scientific development, another question can be posed: why do people often succumb to the stigma of mental health?

The simple answer would be nescience, lack of education, or, perhaps, resources.

We’ve all been through difficult situations, however people all go through hard times differently. But keeping to oneself isn’t the best if one is faced with it. Sharing avails can help as well.

The biggest thing that can be done is to break the common stereotypes of mental health. Having this stigma isn’t something that can be cured with medicines or nights at the hospital.

It’s our state of being and definitely shouting it out that you’re not completely doing well isn’t facile.

Getting to know people who have faced mental health issues or are going through an illness helps boost us all up. The best thing you can do to help is to accept people rather than chose to be ignorant. 

Mental health isn’t shameful. It is defining and strengthening.

For those suffering from a mental illness, stay strong. Putting on a façade pushes one to such an arduous place where coming out isn’t possible without losing oneself.

Silent suffering is much more painful. Talk it out and accept help. It’s better than losing yourself forever.

There’s help out there and it can be overwhelming, but you can always tell your story. Tell it to a loved one, a friend, a confident. Tell them your story

Never underestimate your worth.

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