New Years Writing Resolutions for 2020

Anna’s Analysis with Features Lilli and Chloe

January 18, 2020

What ideas are you committed to following through this year?

I have planned to write two novellas and release another poetry collection!  – Anna 

I’ve tried writing in other perspectives recently, and I’ve found that it really challenges me creatively. That’s something that I’d definitely like to continue in 2020, especially since I have a detailed plot planned.  – Chloe 

Finishing projects. – Lilli

What do you want to spend more time doing?

I want to spend more time revising my current WIPs (Work in Progresses). I would also love to spend more time working on character building and writing intricate plots! – Anna

Honestly, I’ve spent so many days clicking out of my stories and closing my notebook with the guilty excuse of having “writer’s block.” Just writing more would be great, and since I have a pretty good idea, I’m hyped to spend more time writing. 😀 – Chloe 

Writing. – Lilli 

How would you describe your writing in one word?

Dark. – Anna 

Unique – Chloe

Sensual – Lilli 

Set a goal that seems slightly unattainable but extremely exciting

I’m would love to self publish my current poetry collection ‘Twenty-Two Rotten Sunflowers.’ – Anna 

I’m planning to finish my novel in the summer of 2020 and (hopefully) get it published or enter it in some contests on Wattpad! 🙂 – Chloe 

100k words monthly. – Lilli 

Set a goal that seems attainable yet exciting

I’m currently in the process of starting a book club for members on Wattpad. – Anna

Similar to Anna, I’m beginning a book club with some of my close friends with daily word wars, word crawls, and writing activities. We also have a mini NaNoWriMo planned, and it’d be great if we could expand the book club within our school! – Chloe

Winning a contest. – Lilli 

Set a goal that would shock you if you achieved it by the end of 2020

I would love to be represented by an agent, or even better, be published by one of the big publishing houses! – Anna 

Succeeding NaNoWriMo or passing 100K with my novel on Wattpad. – Chloe 

Getting published. – Lilli 

Write a reminder to yourself today that you can read throughout 2020

Don’t compare yourself to other authors. You have such a unique perspective and writing style that people value! Your worth shouldn’t be determined by what others perceive you to be. – Anna

Hey, you! Yes, you — sitting right over there. Get your butt up and stop procrastinating! You can do it — go ahead and write! – Chloe 

Don’t have a panic attack. – Lilli 

What kind of new genres would you like to experiment with writing in for the new decade?

I would love to dabble in historical fiction and psychological thrillers! I’ve also been thinking about writing fan-fiction. – Anna

Honestly, my mind is a little blank right now, but I think trying out mystery would be intriguing. – Chloe

None. – Lilli 

What stories would you like to abandon, and why?

I’m actually really happy with my current WIPs! The novels that I am currently working on are both series that have been in progress since I was 12 or 13. I’m so excited to see where these series take me! – Anna 

One of my WIPs is just… not it. Maybe I should let that one sit for a while as I work on some of my more recent ones, and then I can come back to it and brush it up!  – Chloe 

All, because I hate them. – Lilli

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