Our City Fires: Burning Bright

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January 24, 2020

Enthusiasm is contagious; Our City Fires is living proof of this. When they perform, they hold nothing back. It’s impossible not to feel the fire when listening to Kieran Langley beat away at his drums; it’s impossible not to sing along to the lyrics with Danny Richardson, lead vocalist. Hearing the powerful sounds from the guitarists, Danny Emms, Guy Hargreaves and Harry Pentony makes me wish I had learnt how to play the guitar. With lyrics that speak to one’s soul and sounds that ignite, Our City Fires has found the recipe for success.

Our City Fires band

Our City Fires is a five-member alternative rock band from Leicester, United Kingdom. 

For this article, the brilliant band and I took some time to talk about how their fire is burning bright. Today, answering the questions on behalf of Our City Fires is the extremely talented Danny Richardson, the lead vocalist.

Iman: Just Come Home is the song that made me want to hear more songs from Our City Fires. Just Come Home means so many things to me, but what does it mean through the eyes of Our City Fires? 

Our City Fires: The song Just Come Home means try and fight for what you want. Things might not always be easy, but if it feels like it might be worth it you’d regret not trying more than failing. 

Iman: Where did it all begin? What made Our City Fires come together?

Our City Fires: We came together eventually after we’d all been in other bands and we’d been gigging separately around the UK. Once those bands ended, Kieran, Danny Emms and Harry asked me to come down and do a few songs with them one night to see if we could get anything going. The rest just fell into place. Shortly after joining, I got Guy involved and that was the story of how the five of us have created the songs you now listen to.

Our City Fires band

Iman: The music industry is, unfortunately, filled with a lot of generic sounding songs. Our City Fires has managed to cultivate such a unique sound. As a band, how did you guys discover your sound?

Our City Fires: We have always been at our best when we’ve all been together. We’re five different people with five different styles and it just works for us. The more we write together, the closer it brings us and hopefully we get good songs out of it. 

Iman: The guitar melody at the beginning of Another Long Night reels me in every time I listen to it. What’s the story of its creation? 

Our City Fires: That’s Harry’s handy work, he likes to sit at night and write parts that we can piece together in the studio. That one was just instant for us all, that song flowed really well and I’m pretty sure it was one of the quickest songs we wrote on the first record. Sometimes they just come out in a few takes; others take a bit more time.

Harry Pentony, Our City Fires.
Taken from Google Images

Iman: Your new song Runaways has recently been released. The lyrics have an indescribable impact. What’s the song writing process like for Our City Fires?

Our City Fires: Well, writing Runaways was a lot of fun. We always get the whole song written musically and I’ll add melodies in practice and then go home, sit quietly and get the lyrics done. Runaways was a story I came up with just watching people one day, and I really couldn’t wait to get the pen on the paper. I love it when that happens, and instead of singing from my own perspective I get to look from someone else’s. It’s kind of like writing a short story for myself, but trying to write it so that it’s relatable for the listener. 

Iman: So far Our City Fires has released four songs for the album Foundations. What has the journey through Foundations been like for the band thus far? 

Our City Fires: Actually, Runaways is the first song to be released from Foundations. There’s the second single early February called Live A Lot. The full EP drops on February twenty-eighth with the rest. The record really is our proudest achievement and we just can’t wait to get it all out there. Our journey so far has just been a blast! The tours and shows are getting bigger, and the fans are just awesome. The feeling we get hearing people singing our songs back to us is just indescribable. Pure love, joy and not to mention the chaos that happens at an [Our City Fires] show. We give lots of energy on stage, and, boy do we get it back. The journey has been amazing so far, but we also believe that this is literally just the beginning. 

There you have it, lovelies! The amazing Our City Fires. I am confident in stating that these amazing guys are going to be taking the world by storm soon enough.

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