Aesthete Kindness Campaign


February 9 – February 22, 2020

Cyber Bullying is one of the biggest issues in the world, and yet, it is not given the great amount of concern that it should.

Most teenage suicides are a result of either explicit, or implicit bullying. In fact, some of us may have seen pictures of people on social media, asking their followers if they were ugly, fat, stupid, etc., in a response to the hurtful words other people have called them

Instead of consoling these people, the online world concludes that the person is “just seeking attention”, and for that reason, people see it okay to say rude words to them. However, they refuse to understand that the person doing this may have underlying, hidden issues. With this ignorance, they end up completely tearing down any self-regard that one person could have had. This is without a doubt cyber bullying.

The aim behind The Aesthete Kindness Campaign is to say at least one kind word, or compliment each day, to a person, either offline or online. You never know, you may end up saving their lives!


Participants may write a kind note/notes to a person and leave it somewhere for them to see. The note can be given online or offline. 

Participants should send a picture or screenshot of the activity and send it in through the communication medium of the platform from which they’re participating (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

Or use #aesthetekindnesscampaign or #aesthetekindness when posting about your act(s) of kindness on your social media!

If they have entered the campaign while contacting one of The Aesthete members or other participants, and/or have no way of sending their pictures directly to The Aesthete official accounts, they may send it in via email at

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