Be Kind to Your Body – The Delusion Behind Fitness

Twinkle’s Lane

February 9, 2020

Taken from Google images

“Oh, look at that man! Six packs, a fit body with not an ounce of fat! He must go to the gym everyday! I wish I had a body like him,” says a boy, his eyes dreamy, as he stares at the man coming out of the gym.

“I know right!” his girlfriend comments. Her eyes drift over to the girl beside the man. They glaze over. “The girl has such a great body! Slim waist, skinny legs…. I want to have a body like her!”

Little did they know – the man was on steroids that was slowly crippling his body from within. And the girl was suffering from malnutrition due to unhealthy dieting.

Nowadays, a new trend of becoming “slimmer to be fitter” has emerged in society. See an overweight person? Oh no, their BMI is high, they will be prone to diseases! See a really thin person? No problem, being thin means being fit.

How deluded we are. It’s surprising how society has managed to come up with a new form of subtle but clear body-shaming.

Being fit should mean being in a good mental and physical condition. It does not mean that being overweight is bad. 

Instead of pushing people towards extreme means of becoming “fitter”, we should encourage them to accept their body first. Then they can be fit and stay in a good condition which does not automatically translate to losing weight.

Stop looking at others’ bodies and hoping for a change in yours. Stop comparing your skin to theirs! Stop looking at supermodels and wishing you had their body. Stop degrading yourself. And above all, stop trying to fool yourself into believing that you need to lose weight to become healthy. Your body deserves to be loved.

1. To become healthy, you do not need to go on a diet and completely cut out your favourite food. You need to control your junk-food intake. 

2. You do not need to fast, you need to be more active.

3. You don’t need to lose weight. You need to be the best version of yourself.

Here’s to self-love and realization! Here’s to anti body-shaming. 

Be kind to your body, and you’ll love each other.

*Here’s to potatoes and paneer*

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