Dolly Parton Challenge for Fashiontine’s Day

Twinkle’s Lane

February 9, 2020

The #dollypartonmemechallenge for Valentine’s Day : A Fashiontine!

Single? In a relationship? It matters not! The #dollypartonchallenge is for everyone! And this Valentine’s Day, we’ll be looking at clothes that are perfect for your Fashiontine! After all, you are with the best person you could ever be with during Valentine’s (and forever): Yourself!

If you’re looking for something new, this is the place for you!

We have the perfect outfits ready for you!

LINKEDIN: Professional, Bold, Reliable. But the one thing that is also necessary is charisma

To go for a professional style, we’ll look at certain aspects that can make even the most casual clothes look professional!

Take a simple shirt, or a frilly dress for example. Just a correct coat, blazer or jacket can make or break your deal in the professional world!

If you’re not opting for a coat, worry not! Pencil skirts, pleats, checkered clothes can also make for the most charismatic professional outfits!

Take a look at some perfect combinations to inspire your next, bold professional outfit!



THREE : Biboyamall

FOUR : Shein

FIVE : Urbanic

Next we have

FACEBOOK: Comfortable, Homely, Be-Yourself casuals. Basically, something perfect to share with family and friends!

Quirky? The “I-don’t-care” outfit? Here’s a board to get inspired from!





FIVE : Urbanic

Next we bring to you the style for an app that we all love!

INSTAGRAM: Whether you’re going for comfortable, charismatic, elegant, sexy, cute, or aesthetic, these are some that are bound to help you piece together your next #outfitoftheday for Instagram!

Whether you want your denim, or your leather jacket, or your cutest, most comfortable clothes up there! Here, we do it all with style.

And finally we have the giant that will end our Dolly Parton mash-up! 

TINDER: The one app where we love to fake ourselves. But this Valentine’s Day, let us show them who we truly are! After all, love is acceptance!

So you’re sexy and you love it? You’re cute and sport a blush every minute? You’re the girl-next-door adorable human? The devil-may-care rebel? Worry not, we’ve got ideas for it all!

ONE : Urbanic

TWO : Nudevotion



FIVE : Stylecraze

And there we are! The outfits that are ready for use!

And the best part? These can all be found at outrageously affordable prices! So you don’t need to tear your wallet to buy some perfect and great clothes for yourself!

I hope you found a perfect idea to style not only your challenge outfit, but also, your daily dose of outfits. 

Cheers for the couples! And cheers for the singles (include me in your Fashiontine party, will you?)

Happy Fashiontine!

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