It Shall Return – Protecting the Environment

– Saranya’s Place

February 9, 2020

Environment means totality of existence, of world and of organisms, as it exists on this Earth and everywhere within the universe.

We seldom consider that we are a part of varied living, nonliving, known or unknown whole. As a result of this, we do things unknowingly by design or just at random without bothering with the potential consequences. 

Studies have revealed that the loss of many species in vegetation have had adverse effects on ecosystem and climatic changes and with that, have led to the loss of our strength in our immune system that overtime has led to the increase in diseases. Many diseases are a result of unhygienic slaughter and meat preservation, such as meat eating by indiscriminately killing animals. Indiscriminate tree cutting for fuel and other energy needs and the overuse of insecticides and pesticides have now led to the extinction of many plant and animal species. Animal population in many countries have decreased at alarming rates.

Many countries within the African continent have lost their white tigers due to poaching and non-preservation.

Will we ever be kind to vegetation and animals or – in our selfishness for acquiring and greed to possess more – will we ruin the ecosystem beyond reparation?

Our ancestors taught us about compassion, sympathy, mercy and concern for common good. We’ve been taught about non-violence and respect for all – even those who differ, dissent and oppose.

Can we extend this to nature in all its manifestation, animate or inanimate, known or unknown, in order to maintain balance within our ecosystem?

Something to ask yourself: Do we practice what we’ve been preached?

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