The Kindness We All Need

Iman’s Space

February 9, 2020

Here at The Aesthete we hold nothing back.

It’s time to get serious about the kind of kindness we all need, and we’re here to assist you. Before we get into that, we have to open up a can of worms.

Let’s be honest about this, we’ve all been shut down, shut out, rejected, bullied and simply denied the pleasure of being ourselves.

How many times have you done something that only you would do, only to be made to feel ashamed for it? I can’t count the amount of times on one hand. I’d need to grow three more sets of hands just to get started.

We are living in a society where it’s perfectly acceptable to criticize someone simply because they’re different.

It’s a sad reality, but we’re fighting for change. We can’t do it without more people like you. Yes, you. The person reading this.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here, but let’s just keep it between us. We don’t want to get bullied for speaking out, after all, seeing as we’re expected to clamp our lips shut every time we express ourselves.

The reason people are showing hatred towards you because you’re different is because they see your good qualities and they want to shut it down. 

How dare you have the audacity to make jokes that not everyone understands?

How dare you have the audacity to listen to music that people find strange?

How dare you have the audacity to be intelligent?

How dare you have the audacity to be honest about controversial topics?

How dare you have the audacity to be yourself? 

How dare you?

We’re here to tell you how.

You do it because you’re amazing. You do it because you have the right to individuality. You do it because you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t.

The only way to be human is to rebel.

I’m not encouraging you to do things that are illegal, but I am urging you to rebel against people who are making you feel bad about yourself. What’s the best way to do this? Be kind. Not just to others, but to yourself as well. Next time you have the bravery to be yourself, give yourself a round of applause. The most important kind of kindness we need is from ourselves.

Embrace your individuality, and no one will ever be able to hurt you again. Self awareness leads to self empowerment.

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