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Iman’s Space

February 9, 2020

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Art is the cornerstone to society, especially when it comes to music. Here at The Aesthete we take our entertainment to heart, which is why we’ve taken some time with the wonderful band We Three! Their passion shows in their music and their heartfelt lyrics certainly make us want to hear more.

We Three put their mark on the world when they tackled the thirteenth season of America’s Got Talent. The Aesthete team took some time with the sibling trio, Bethany, Joshua and Manny to talk about everything: from their journey on America’s Got Talent to their album “We’re All Messed up – but It’s Ok”.

Asking the questions on behalf of the entire Aesthete team is Iman (it feels weird to talk about myself in the third person, wow).

“I have to ask.” I began, “We Three was on the thirteenth season of America’s Got Talent. The song that stole my heart was Lifeline. What was the journey on America’s Got Talent like for We Three?”

It was a very fast and surreal process.” We Three explained, “We had never intended to go on a reality TV show, since most shows want you to be a solo act. But, a scout from the show reached out to us via Instagram. From there, the process was fast. We sent in an audition and they flew us to LA. From there it was a whirlwind of shows while flying back and forth to Portland to record our first album; of which the single was Lifeline. The show became a great launching platform for us, we couldn’t have been happier with the experience and we really feel as though our career started the second we got off the show. The cast and crew were amazing and we wouldn’t change a thing.”

“After your adventure on America’s Got Talent, you shook the world and all of your fans with your album ‘We’re All Messed Up – but It’s Ok’. It’s a brilliant album. Do you believe that your bond as siblings has something to do with it?” That was the next question on my mind.

There’s something very cohesive in the creative process, since we are siblings.” We Three answered humbly, “The process is a very organic thing. I don’t think it’s intentional, but our trajectory aligns with each other. We all have the same work ethic, so the end product comes out well. We all do our unique part of the process, sometimes going in different directions, but we come together in the most unexpected ways towards the end and make something great.”

“My favorite song off of ‘We’re All Messed Up – but It’s Ok’ is Sara. How did this song come into existence?” This was the burning question I had. Sara is an extremely heart wrenching song, and it hits me in all the right ways.

Sara,” Manny said, “was one of the hardest songs I had ever written, but I knew I would have to put myself into Sara’s perspective to get it finished. After the first two verses I knew how it had to end and I sat down and began the difficult process of finishing such a heavy song. Once Sara was written, we knew the album was going to be heavily focused on mental health.”  

“How did you fall into your musical style?” I had asked We Three.

We grew up listening to bands like Styx and Boston and covering them along with other classic rock bands,” We Three told us. “We were into older stuff than the kids around us. As we started writing and recording our style shifted to pop while retaining our classic rock roots. We were all in jazz band as well, so those techniques have definitely influenced our musicianship.”

“The ability to create true art is extremely difficult. All of your songs are extremely honest, beautiful and meaningful. Where does the passion come from?” I asked.

We have been through a lot together as a band and a family.” We Three shared candidly, “We know how to express honestly what’s happening around us. Music has always been the way we communicate and, honestly, we just don’t know another way. Hardship creates passion and music is how we channel and express that. We grew up around very driven people that had incredible work ethic and that drove us to take our music and do it to the best of our abilities.”

“What is the song writing process like for We Three?”

Manny is our main songwriter and the writing never stops.” We Three told The Aesthete, “We don’t write together in the same room like people tend to think, we all write separately and bring what we have to each other to get inspiration and all the parts melt together. The part that is the most fun is taking a song and transitioning it to our live show. That’s where the magic happens. Seeing a song be written and then played in front of a crowd of people is a surreal and awesome experience.” The siblings expressed.

We Three first captured my attention when I fell in love with their music on America’s Got Talent. Now The Aesthete has got talent! Humble, sincere and down to Earth, We Three was a pleasure to interview.

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