You’ve Got Mail

Elaine’s Block

February 9, 2020

If you’re like me, sometimes social interaction can be intimidating. It can be difficult to get yourself to visit or talk to people, even friends. Or even if you do see someone face to face, it’s not always easy to say what you really mean or to let someone know how much you appreciate them. 

These days with social media, messaging apps, and email, it is easier to communicate with others, especially if talking in person is either not an option – like when your friend is far away – or if it is just more comfortable for you. 

However, one thing I like to do sometimes to show someone I care is to send them an old fashioned letter. Because of how quick and easy online methods of communication are, getting anything in the mail besides bills and advertisements is a rare occurrence. By sending someone a card in the mail shows that you took the time and energy to go out of your way to uplift their day. 

In a way, you benefit from sending a letter too. Not only does it feel good to do something kind for a friend or family member, but it also can be a fun way to be creative and express yourself, both in writing, and the design of the card. I personally enjoy creating the cover of the card for the person, but even choosing a card design in a store is being creative. 

Sending a card doesn’t have to be just for the times in which cards are traditionally given, such as birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and times of sympathy. A card can be sent on any day of the year, and sometimes these random letters are the most fun to receive because it is unexpected. 

Sometimes, it is hard to think of something to write in a letter, but it can be something as simple as “Hey, I’m thinking of you,” a short update on what’s going on in your life, a funny joke you heard recently, or even a drawing. 

A note doesn’t even have to be for someone you know well. Sometimes, I’ve left a small note (on a paper less than the size of an index card) for someone I wanted to thank or appreciate – even if I didn’t have a personal relationship with them – like an exceptionally kind waiter at a restaurant. Or if I’m too shy to say something face to face like expressing my gratitude to a teacher I had, I can give them a short note instead. 

In a day and age where it takes mere seconds to wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook or zip a quick text message saying, “Hey, what’s up”, it’s sometimes nice to take the time to hand write a letter to send someone and put a smile on their face and a note in their mailbox.

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