Entrepreneurship with Rahul Singh

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February 9, 2020

For an exclusive entrepreneur interview, I reached out to Rahul Singh, who runs an Instagram page @the_success_empire where he motivates us to reach out for our success.

He is currently in high school, runs two online businesses and is working on two more! He also works as a copywriter for micro companies.

Interested in entrepreneurship, he loves reading books, travelling and teaching people about how self development can help them achieve their dreams.

Me: Where did your entrepreneurial journey begin?

Rahul: I remember that when I was in grade 9th, I had scored very low marks in maths and my teacher had told me that I would never be successful. It had impacted me a lot. From there I started searching how to be successful and rich and then I got to know that there were too many people who were successful despite not being very good at studies. Most of them were entrepreneurs. So I searched about them and got to know one most common habit among entrepreneurs: reading books. So I purchased my first book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and it totally changed my mind. I would like to highly recommend each and everyone to go through Rich Dad Poor Dad. It is related to financial knowledge and motivation.

Me: What made you start @the_success_empire account for budding entrepreneurs?

Rahul: First of all, I think I too am a beginner. Only difference is that I have started earlier than others. I have created The Success Empire especially for new entrepreneurs who don’t have enough resources like I do. Who have just started. I love to learn new things, read books, learn from mentors, etc, so I began to provide value to others. So in that case, my audience as well as I get benefitted. So people can learn in a fun way. 

Me: What advice is a must-follow for any aspiring entrepreneur?

Rahul: One must-follow advice for every entrepreneur is “Take actions and Be passionate” about everything you are doing. Because on a long term basis, it will help you a lot. One must take actions because most people live an average life and never take them. They think they will do it tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. Start taking action and be passionate about the thing you are doing. Because if you are not passionate, you will quit easily. So have  passion, take action, and you will make it.

Me: How difficult do you think the entrepreneur world is? How can you guarantee a “rise” when starting up?

Rahul: Entrepreneurship is very risky compared to others. But the thing is, if you are really willing to do it, it will be easy for you. Talking about startup, if a start-up has a long term vision and provides value first, there is a  very low chance of their failure. There are so many factors affecting startup like legal, social, environmental, political, etc. So it totally depends upon the company. How they manage to do all these things. 

Me: Entrepreneurs often tend to overwork themselves. Do you think it’s fine to overwork as long as someone enjoys it?

Rahul: Yes, I totally agree. If you are enjoying your work, there is no harm in overworking. There will be no overwork for you if you love it. That’s why I had said earlier that if you are really passionate, it will be easy for you, or else you will quit easily.

Me: As an entrepreneur, do you think multi-tasking or focusing on one task at a time is a necessity?

Rahul: Being an entrepreneur, I think focusing on one thing is more important than multi-tasking. An entrepreneur must focus on the core thing and outsource other things. Elon Musk once said in one of his interviews that there is nothing like multitasking. You should be extremely focused on one thing at one time to master it. 

Me: What are some values that anyone trying to succeed in entrepreneurship needs to have?

Rahul: Some of the values every entrepreneur must have to develop are:

1. Have a passion; which will keep you going when the going gets tough.

2. Honestly: helps you to build trust in the corporate world.

3. Determination: Determination is to success as oxygen is to life. Anyone who has ever achieved anything significant has done so on the back of their determination. 

So have big goals, work harder than before. If you have self discipline and self control no one can stop you from achieving great things.

And here I end my interview with Rahul Singh. I can safely say that this has brought me one step closer to my entrepreneurship dreams.

To all budding entrepreneurs, have passion and work harder to take one step closer to your own dreams!


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