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February 29, 2020

Emma K.C. Couette is an author from Canada who created the Guild Trilogy. Her debut novel, Silent Night, was released last year and she is currently in the process of publishing her second. Emma also has a big social media presence, with over 1,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares her writing journey. She inspires many people and is a very talented writer.

James: Why/when did you start writing?

Emma: I wrote my first ‘story’ when I was 6 years old and started my first novel when I was 13. I’ve always been a storyteller and it finally occurred to me that I could write those stories down for people other than myself to enjoy.

James: Does your family support your writing?

Emma: Yes, they do. My dad has even bought over 20 copies for family and friends

James: What inspires you to write?

Emma: Many things. Listening to music, the people around me, and sometimes even my own writing inspires me to write. But mostly, it’s reading in general. A good book is writing fuel and I take pieces of every book I read and turn them on their head or make them even better.

James: What is your main writing goal?

Emma: My main goal is to have people read and love my stories. It’s not about becoming a bestseller or getting rich. It’s about inspiring young readers like myself with worlds that were once only in my head and now live on paper.

James: What is the process of publishing a book like?

Emma: It’s not as hard as I thought, for having to do most of it by myself. Kindle Direct Publishing makes the actual publication of your novel very easy. It’s the prep that’s difficult. Formatting can be time-consuming and finicky and you have to make sure you upload your final version of cover and content before the deadline.

James: Can you share one editing tip?

Emma: Read your work aloud. It’s amazing the mistakes you’ll find. It can also help you with the flow of your words, as well as sentence and paragraph length.

James: How do you stay motivated to write?

Emma: It’s easier to stay motivated now because I just think of how it felt to hold my first book in my hands and I can’t imagine not having that feeling again. Other than that, it’s the anticipation of reader reactions that keep me motivated and sometimes, wanting to know myself how the story ends.

James: How often do you write and how do you find the time?

Emma: I write to some extent nearly every day, except when I’m taking strict breaks between drafts. As an author, I don’t find the time to write, I make the time. And that’s the only way to do it. I make my writing a priority. I set myself deadlines. I sit myself down before or after work for whatever time I can. Writing takes discipline, but it also takes the wisdom to know when you do need a break.

James: Do you base characters from yourself and other people you are familiar with?

Emma: Not in their entirety, but I do give characters traits or details based off people I know and myself. For example, my one character is afraid of elevators and so am I.

James: What is the most crucial part when writing a novel?

Emma: Not giving up and writing what you want to write. Don’t chase trends, don’t write about the 18th century because your mom loves it. Write about the 18th century because you love it. Writing is not an easy endeavour, so at least do yourself the favour of enjoying the subject you’re writing about.

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