Charlie Void’s NEW SINGLE “Ecstasy” Release

Iman’s Space

March 12, 2020

Charlie Void never backs away from a good time. The Just Dance hit maker is back in action with his electronic dance single, Ecstasy. Charlie had spoken of the new release in his interview with The Aesthete before, but nothing could have prepared me for what I heard the first time I listened to Ecstasy.

Of course, I expected nothing but the best from Cape Town’s “it boy”. I did not, however, imagine that one song could make me feel so high. Think about being transported into a galaxy of glitz and glamor. Then multiply that by ten. Then add some Charlie Void.

For music junkies like myself, this song is much more than just a quick fix for our addiction. Ecstasy will fuel and awaken your late fiery nights and weekend parties. I would even go as far to say that this song has the power to make your Monday mornings merciful.

Ecstasy is the second hit from Charlie Void, and he uses all of his talents to the best of his abilities. In Ecstasy, we hear Charlie take us on an adventure, showing his versatility with warm, deep notes and skyrocketing highs. Each melody will pull you into a trance-like state. Charlie has managed to combine both the old and the new ways of music into an empowering anthem.

Side effects of listening to Ecstasy include: feeling extremely confident, humming the tune of the song out unwittingly, involuntary hip swaying, becoming a complete Charlie Void fan and flipping your hair just for fun. 

Charlie’s Void’s Ecstasy hit will make its way onto all digital streaming platforms on 13 March 2020.

Charlie Void, Ecstasy

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