Gender Based Discrimination in Stories: A Reflection of Society

Twinkle’s Lane

March 16, 2020

*Contains some elements of strong language

“The girl must be a virgin, because virginity is oh-so attractive. But it doesn’t matter whether the boy has been sinning around with a hundred girls, or a thousand.”

“After all, he’s a guy and she’s a girl. He must be mature and a playboy – a bad boy – while she has to be an innocent, ‘pure’ girl.”

And now you can see a rather scarlet Twinkle, with steam oozing out from her ears – a feminist losing her calm.

Now you may ask: What is wrong with an innocent girl and a “bad” boy being paired together?

And I, with a solemn demeanor, answer: It is fine if you have that as a theme. Or rather, it was fine when it started. But the moment this theme became a trope – a fashion, a trend – our issues arose.

Why is it so attractive for a bad boy to be dating a must-to virgin girl?

Why must the small town girl catch a billionaire?

Why must the girl always return to the player who messed with her as if it were a norm, without caring for her feelings when he chose to hurt her?

What is so wrong with an experienced girl? Why, in most of the books, must the boy always be in a more open position than the girl?

This is where the core issues of society are mirrored. This is where the psychology of society, authors and readers come to play. A “pure” girl is always applauded for keeping her rights and desires on a tight leash. A “pure” boy is seen to be a prude, unmanly and weak.

“You’ve never dated before? Damn, brother, you must be terrible at catching girls.”

“You’ve dated these many people before? What a slut!”

After all, writing is a mirror of society. When Harry Styles (with no dig at him, considering that I am a fan, myself) dates many girls, it’s fine. But when Taylor Swift does the same, she is shamed throughout the world. When Miley Cyrus flashes her body to the world, it’s a shame! But when guys tear off their clothes on camera to show their macho-man body, it’s fine. Guys, apparently, are allowed to do that while girls are not.

So here’s my request to all authors as well as other people out there:

Please let your writing showcase your viewpoint. It is fine for girls to date, have intercourse, and have male friends who need not be gay in your story. It is fine for boys to be so-called “good” instead of the so-called “bad”.

Please don’t crawl towards a trend that doesn’t support equality for all genders – whether it’s a male, a female, transgender, anything.


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