10 Songs You Didn’t Know Are Covers

(Featured) Romy

March 16, 2020

We all know a song we’ve heard at least a thousand times and we know every word off. It’s a massive hit on the radio and everyone seems to know it. But what if that massive hit is actually a cover? Here are 10 hits you didn’t know are actually covers.

1: Birdy- Skinny Love.

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In 2011, a fourteen year old girl sang a beautiful song called Skinny Love. Everyone was in awe of her voice and appearance. Skinny Love became a massive hit seemingly overnight, and Birdy became a worldwide sensation. But what if that massive hit isn’t hers? Some indie folk music lovers might already know this, but Skinny Love is originally a song by Bon Iver. The band released the song in 2007, but it didn’t exactly become a hit until Birdy covered it.

2: Ella Eyre – We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off.

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We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off is featured on Ella Eyre’s debut album, Feline, which was released in 2015. With the powerful ballad Ella won many people’s hearts over, but the song is originally by soul singer Jermaine Stewart. In 1986 he released the song as a funky soul number, but when Ella transformed the song into the ballad we know it became the hit Jermaine had probably hoped for.

3: Laura Jansen – Use Somebody.

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A ballad version of Use Somebody – Dutch singer Laura Jansen made it happen. In 2009 the Dutch singer hopped behind her piano and made her own version of Use Somebody. The magical, dreamy version of the song became a hit in The Netherlands, and up until this day her version is still more known in The Netherlands than the original Kings of Leon version from a year earlier.

4: Davina Michelle – Duurt Te Lang.

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In 2018 Dutch YouTube singer Davina Michelle was part of the well known show “Beste Zangers”, English for “Best Singers”. Here she sang a cover version from the song Duurt Te Lang, originally from Glen Faria (aka Fit). After she sang it, Glen said that her version is the way the song should have been, and from that moment on, Davina’s cover went viral. It is viewed over 21 million times on Youtube, which is 21 million times as much as the original. Many people think that Davina’s version is the original, and I can’t blame them.

5: Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire.

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This is a funny one. In 1963 Anita Carter released the song Ring of Fire. She is the sister in law of Johnny Cash. He heard the song and claimed he had literally dreamt about making a better version of the song. He gave Anita Carter six months to make Ring of Fire a hit. When that didn’t happen he made and released his own version, the hit we all know.

6: Elvis Presley – That’s All Right.

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During a boring recording session in 1954, Elvis started jamming a more up-beat version of That’s All Right, originally released by Arthur Crudup in 1946. Soon enough the rest of the band joined and their producer asked them to do it again, so that it could be recorded. That’s how a massive hit and Elvis’s success came into existence.

7: Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

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In 1983 Cyndi Lauper released Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. It became her breakthrough hit, but it wasn’t her own song. Four years earlier, Robert Hazard wrote the song and released a demo. When Cyndi re-wrote the song into a female perspective, the song became the hit which we all still know.

8: Aretha Franklin – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

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Yes, this is actually a cover. The original is from Otis Redding, who released it in 1965. Two years later, Aretha Franklin came along, rewriting the song into a powerful women’s anthem, recording it, and making it one of the best songs ever created.

9: Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) – Cups.

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Thanks to Pitch Perfect and Anna Kendrick, Cups became a massive hit in 2012. But what if I tell you that Cups isn’t originally from the movie? In 2009, a duo named Lulu and the Lampshades made the original version of Cups. They were discovered by Reddit, who Anna learned the Cup song from years before even being casted in Pitch Perfect. 

10: Heart – Alone.

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Even though we all know the song sang by the American band, the original is from I-Ten, and was released in 1983. But only when Heart sang their cover of it did the song become the hit we all know today. They featured it on their ninth studio album, and it ranked high in both the English and American music charts.

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