A Look Inside the Mind of a BULLY

Dani’s Case

March 16, 2020

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a bully? Walking around with every Jack and Jill afraid of you, doing what you want whenever you want? Oh yes, and getting anything and everything you want?

How about all the people who will inevitably end up hating you? Oh, and the nasty stares you will most certainly find yourself on the receiving end of. How about the insults and the fact that you won’t have any friends? Does that sound nice?

Being a bully is not child’s play. More often than not, it leads to the victims of bullying wondering why. Why hurt people? Why make an enemy out of everyone? Why me? Why hurt me? Why come after me? Why bully me? These are all questions anyone experiencing bullying has asked themselves.

Did you know that bullies are the most emotional people in the world? You may think they’re ruthless, but they’re the complete opposite.

They have feelings too. They feel pain, amongst many other powerful emotions. What would you feel like if everyone were to run away from you? What would you feel like if you didn’t have anyone to talk to? What kind of emotions would you feel if everyone gave you dirty looks without even asking if you are doing alright?

Under every person, there’s a story. Under that harsh exterior, there is a background more painful than you can imagine.

Bullies don’t just wake up and decide to make everyone’s life a living nightmare.

Due to their horrible past, they built a wall around their heart. That way they can prevent the pain that comes with being hurt, but the wall isn’t secure. It crumbles until it completely falls apart, and if you happen to be close when that happens, then you’re going to be a victim of bullying.

I’m not condoning bullying, all I’m trying to say is that life can be hard. Don’t suddenly think bullies aren’t human, because they are as human as all of us are.

We humans are an evil species. I say this, because we judge too quickly. When a person looks hurt, we don’t even bother to help, we just look and walk away just to prevent ourselves from getting involved in the drama. When we see someone crying, we just immediately increase our pace just to avoid dealing with it.

Another thing we seem to do is give preference to those who are not suffering. When a person is okay and life is good we are always with them. As soon as things get bad we run away. Now what do you call that? Don’t you think that could be considered as bullying too? 

Bullying doesn’t necessarily mean physical, emotional and psychological abuse. It can also manifest as simply ignoring someone’s feelings.

When I talk of bullying, I’m talking about everything from the physical, emotional, and psychological abuse to the little things we do in life that hurts the people around us.

So before you go around judging people and saying all bullies are bad, try to first evaluate yourself.

Think about it.

Stand up to bullies. Help stop bullying. At school, at home and in the community.

Help stop abuse.


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