Broadway’s Longest Running Musicals

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March 16, 2020

I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen a musical, or at least heard of one. But do you know which ones have been running for over 20 years? How about which actress has played in every show from the musical she’s in? Or the fastest costume change in a musical history? I shall say, start reading and find out!

The Phantom of the Opera. Started playing on: January 26 1988.

Image taken from Google Images

Plot summary:

There’s a man living underneath the Paris Opera House. He’s known only as the Phantom. He falls in love with one of the lead singers, Christine. He decides to tutor her and terrorize the rest of the opera house, keeping Christine for himself. But when Christine shows love to somebody else, will the Phantom go too far to show his love for her?

Fun facts:

– The mask which the Phantom is wearing is only covering half of his face for a reason. First, it was hard to apply all the make-up with the mask fully covering his face. Secondly, he couldn’t sing or be heard properly with a full face mask. So they decided to cut the mask in half, making it look like it does now.

– Playing the Phantom for more than ten years (from 1999 until 2009), Howard McGillin has played this role the longest in phantom history.

– Each performance contains 230 costumes. Credits to the designers.

The Lion King. Started playing on: November 13 1997.

Image taken from Google Images

Plot summary:

When Simba is born he is destined to succeed his father, Musafa, as the King of The Pride Lands. Simba’s uncle, Scar, doesn’t like that idea. He wants to be the next king so he “accidentally” kills Mufasa, telling Simba that it’s his fault. Simba runs away, too ashamed to return to the Pride Lands. Years go by with Simba living in exile, but when he hears Scar is ruining Pride Land he’s determined to go back and save what belongs to him.

Fun facts:

– There are 7 languages used in the musical, which are: English, Swahili, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, Congolese and Xhosa.

– Lindiwe Dlamini has been playing several roles in the musical since the very first show started in 1997. That’s worth a round of applause, people!

– The phrase “Hakuna Matata” is said 25 times every performance

Wicked. Started playing on: October 30 2003.

Image taken from Google Images

Plot summary:

Elphaba – the wicked witch of the West and Galinda- who later will be the good witch are going to the same school. They immediately hate each other and they’ll make sure everybody knows it. When they’re going to Emerald City together they slowly warm up to each other. But what happens when they both find out something no one was supposed to know and they realise how important they actually are to each other

Fun facts:

– Broadway’s first Elphaba, Idina Menzel, missed her final performance due to getting injured during her For-Last show.

– The fastest costume change in Wicked is 15 seconds, and it’s when Elphaba and Glinda go to Emerald City.

– Jackie Burns is the longest running Elphaba in Broadway history, with more than 1300 performances.

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