Uganda’s Brightest Shining Stars – Masaka Kids Africana

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March 16, 2020

The Masaka Kids are a group of children from Masaka, Uganda. These kids are all orphans who all live together in a three room house, but that doesn’t bring them down. Their slogan “Dance, Rise and Shine” shows their determination and happiness. The group was set up by Hassan Suuna in March of 2013.

The dance group currently consists of five kids, three girls and two boys, ages two years and up,  who show their amazing dance skills alongside a lot of happiness on their Instagram and YouTube platforms. The kids all dance, write and sing their own music.

From left to right: Qraibah, Abbi, Nabirah, Jackie and Trevor.

Besides showing their amazing dance skills these kids also make their own music. In July of 2019 the group released their first music album, named Let’s Praise. On the album are 13 songs the kids made and sang themselves. Their lead singer is named Emma, and he can often be seen in their videos singing. The kids dance to their own songs a lot, making video clips for their songs or just having fun improvising to the music. 

On the 21st of March 2019, the Masaka Kids released their new song and video clip called Joy Of Togetherness. In the video they’re dancing with Karina Palma and Aisha. Both women are well known by the kids. Aisha, who’s named Mamy Aisha by the kids, has been taking care of the kids for over five years. Karina is a good friend of Aisha’s, and they decided to be featured in their music video for Joy Of Togetherness. This video went viral a couple days after it was released, it being their first video to reach outside of Uganda. It’s currently at 43 million views and counting.

taken from google images

Due to the success from their Joy Of Togetherness video and some others, the group went on their first tour in December of last year. They went to Turkey and performed there on several television shows. Karina and Aisha went with the kids to support them. 

These amazing kids don’t have a lot of money. In fact, they’re living off donations and gifts from people like us. So the link to their website and Instagram are here for you to locate. I’m not asking you to donate lots of money to them, but please have a look at their website and/or Instagram and show these kids some love. They deserve it.

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