Why We Should Support Youth Art Month

Anna’s Analysis

March 16, 2020

Youth Art Month used to be nothing more than a foreign concept. 

Living in Australia, as opposed to the United States of America, I only recently became aware of Youth Art Month through other members of The Aesthete. Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted with this program. As a child, I always dreamt of a program that celebrated creative talent; one that recognised children who weren’t normally seen for their academic merit due to their interests in humanities or art. 

The lack of programs available to children like me is terribly disheartening, especially in today’s era. In middle school, I felt inadequate – despite achieving highly across all subjects. People saw me as insufficient because while I was naturally gifted at learning languages, I still couldn’t grasp complex derivatives. 

Youth Art Month exists for many reasons: 

– To recognise art as a valid career pathway

– To recognise art as a developmental skill that improves quality of life

– To direct attention to the value of art as an educational subject

– To expand and create art projects across schools

– To encourage commitment to the arts – whether that be on an individual or community scale

– To provide opportunities for people who would otherwise be unable to participate in creative programs 

– To increase community, business and government support for art education

– To increase community interest in art through the involvement of workshops, educational programs and art exhibits

The bottom line? Youth Art Month is important for a multitude of reasons. We simply cannot ignore the positive impact that this program has had on the children of the communities it touches. 

As an author and poet, I depend on my readers in the same way that songwriters, actors, YouTubers and models depend on their followers. Without people to appreciate our creative outlets, we wouldn’t be able to publish novels, perform on stages and stream on Twitch. 

The 2019/2020 theme for Youth Art Month is “Take a Journey through Art.” Will you participate?

Youth Art Month

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