Charli The Bearded Beauty Boy

Iman’s Space

March 17, 2020

The only kind of drama we tolerate at The Aesthete is makeup. Talk lashes, lips, brows to us and we’re all ears. And a lot of the time, we need an expert’s opinion. 

Charli The Bearded Beauty Boy is a Cape Town based grooming and beauty specialist. In addition to that, he also has being a star makeup artist under his belt. For this article, I asked Charli all of the makeup related questions I needed answers to.

“Charli, your makeup looks are very glamorous and dramatic. I especially love your creative signature: sparkles.” I said, thinking back to all his revolutionary ways of using sparkles. “What advice can you give to those of us who are looking to take our makeup game to the next level?”

“Thank you so much, I’ve always loved playing with textures, and sparkle adds that beautiful contrast,” Charli said. “Well, my best advice to level up is practice, be fearless and have fun. Experiment with products, placement and combination of finishes and colours. Social media allows us to experience a wide array of subcultures and artists. Get inspired,” he advised.

“What do you foresee some of the makeup trends of 2020 being like?” I asked. Makeup has changed dramatically throughout the ages, and I wanted an expert’s opinion on what we may need to prepare for.

“This is very interesting as I feel that social and economic changes spark rebellion in art and design. We can see this reflected in the arts for centuries. Now in a digital world, this movement is quicker and reaches a wider audience instantly. So what I predict is a trend of stripping back to the bare truth. Clean skin, simple bold shapes, quick and impactful design. Makeup that makes a statement without the standard beauty norm,” he said.

“Now, Charli, this is a bit of a controversial question,” I warned, “but we need an expert’s opinion. Do you think that it’s possible to be able to pull off an extremely dramatic eye look simultaneously with a theatrical lipstick look?” 

“Why not?” he exclaimed. “As long as there is balance and a relationship between makeup, hair and styling. What story are you telling?” Charli made his point easily with this answer. 

“If one were to go straight from office executive to nightlife diva,” I began, “what is a makeup trick that could transform one instantaneously from the professional to the glamorous?”

“Dark kajal eye pencil and a deep lip.” Charli told The Aesthete, “Two products that can easily fit in a bag and amp up your look. By simply smudging out a dark liner over the lid and paring with a deep lipstick you can take any boardroom classic look to a sultry statement.” 

Dark Kajal Eye
taken from google images
Deep Lip
taken from google images

“If funds are limited, then what is the one makeup essential that can catapult Cinderella from pauper to princess?” I asked Charli for our final question.

“Skincare is where you need to invest. If you take care of your skin, eat healthily and stay hydrated, the cheapest cosmetics will look incredible!” Charli tipped. 

There you have it, my lovelies! We asked and Charli answered. Check out his Instagram so you’ll never miss out on updates from him.

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