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March 29, 2020

My Exam Session (MSE) is a global social community that reports on events, exams and news that affect students globally. They live stream most weeks, with study sessions and games all made for students globally. It is for students, run by students. 

James: Why did you start MSE?

MSE: Teenagers’ lives are dominated by two things: education and technology. Teenagers now have supercomputers in their hands, smartphones are everywhere. Yet, traditional education systems and exams persist. We saw this as a huge opportunity to find innovative ways of empowering and engaging with a young audience.

James: Who or what inspires you to do well in life?

MSE: Making a difference! There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing what a positive impact you can have on the world around you. MSE’s values are all about changing the world for the better.

James: What are your favourite things about being a part of the MSE team?

MSE: Creating content that instantly resonates wit2h young people! We love getting feedback from and interacting with our audience.

James: What’s the most important thing about school?

MSE: Young people inhabit such a chaotic world. School provides a structured and supportive environment, where young people can learn and develop as individuals.

James: What is your opinion on homework?

MSE: Our experiences at MSE show that people do search for extended learning outside of the classroom – “studytubers” and other revision-based YouTube channels are increasingly popular, and there are dozens of apps that help aid homework and revision. Sometimes people think that homework gets in the way of their own studying and revision, but it’s important to remember that homework is there to help you consolidate your knowledge!

James: What do I do if I don’t have a career path in mind?

MSE: Career is an overrated term. Think about how you can productively make an impact in the next couple of years, think about those options. People know what they like to do, and what they’re good at, just because they can’t think of a job title doesn’t mean they can’t do something meaningful.

James: Have you got any revision advice that you’d be willing to share?

MSE: Revision is all about finding what works for you. Take the opportunity to try lots of different techniques, and see what is most effective. The best techniques might be different in different subjects, and you might find different techniques helpful depending on how far you are into your revision. There’s no one-size fits all approach!

James: How did you feel when you finally reached a global market?

MSE: The power of social media means it’s easier than ever to connect with people all over the world. We’re excited to be doing our first trials with students in India during their Exam Season. Who knows where we’ll go next!

James: What is the big aim for MSE?

We want to provide round-the-clock live education media for teenagers all over the world. We want to be the first place teenagers go when they want content on school, exams, results, and their futures.

James: How can I join in with MSE?

MSE: Download our app on Google Play or in the Apps Store, follow us on social media, and watch our content.

Download MSE’s apps and start getting homework and studying help for all school purposes!

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