15 Interesting Things To Do When You’re Stuck At Home – Coronacation Edition

– Twinkle’s Lane

April 11, 2020

* Contains some strong language *

With Miss Rona going on tour around the world, more and more people are confining themselves at home. The busy world has been thrown into a state of near stand-still. We have often found ourselves yearning to go outside, but failing. And thus arises utter boredom.

So what do we do in these times? How do we cope with the loss of contact from the outside world – except through technology – as we stay cooped up at home?

Well The Aesthete has brought you a number of interesting all-new-and-unusual ideas that do not contain looking through Instagram or chatting on WhatsApp or using technology in any way.

1. Go back to the old-school games and do puzzles

Remember those jig-saw puzzles we used to play and enjoy when we were really small? Yeah, I’m talking about those ancient objects! Not only do they keep your brain busy, but it’s also fun to do!

2. Your daily newspaper awaits you

Why don’t we take this time to forget our phones and take to archaic newspapers? They have all the information you need to know about the world. And they also provide entertainment. Well, if your issue gives you puzzles, crosswords, quizzes, sudoku, and all those activities which we have a tendency of ignoring, that is.

3. Get a little creative and learn a new skill!

Ever found yourself incapable of dancing but immensely enjoying watching it? Wanted to learn the piano but never had the time to? Wanted to learn a new language but found yourself unable to make time? Well, it’s time to shoo away the demon called procrastination and get going!

4. Do you have anything half-finished?

I certainly have a number of writing pieces which I’m determined to finish within this period!

5. Make a collage!

No, I don’t mean the collage you make on PicsArt and put up on Instagram. I mean the collage you make on a piece of paper, sticking together various cuttings and styling it creatively. Time to bring your favourite fandom to your art, or bring back childhood memories through it.

6. Make a diary

Whether you choose to write it, make a picture diary, or do a bit of both, is up to you!

7. Do an experiment!

Are you interested in science? Then a lot of cool experiments are at your hands! In fact, I have just finished putting salt-water in the fridge to see at what ratios of ice are left. Even if you aren’t interested, a lot of fun experiments are available that do not even require science knowledge – a common example being seeing color swirls in water!

8. Decorate your room creatively.

And for rookies like me, clean it first!

9. Draw your family and friends in a funny way, or make a story with it.

Make yourself laugh. Make people around you laugh. We all deserve a laugh in times of stress! In fact, I still remember the time I drew a stick-figure version of myself in a scene where I was demanding that I get higher marks to the principal. In my drawing the principal of course listened to me and scolded the jelly-bean drawing of my history teacher. My friends and I still laugh at it.

10. Find meanings behind names!

 Unusual much? But believe me, it can be very fun and creative. After all, lameness is a form of creativity. I personally have found quite a few interesting ones!

Example : Diptanshu – A person took a dip in a sea and got a tan so he tried to shoo away the sun.

11. Make a diary for writing and designing quotes

They may be either self-made or those among your favourite ones. Let’s add creativity, positivity and fun!

12. Write rap lyrics. 

We all know rap lyrics can be very fun because they don’t necessarily need to be serious or even meaningful. Some of the best raps are some of the weirdest ones.

My cat pooped

In my pool

So I decided to take a dip

I ain’t gonna care for shit

Can you get any weirder? Well, give it a try and send it to us a feature!

13. Model and act for yourself. 

What’s better than pretending to be a gangster wearing pajamas for a day in your very own room? Or better yet, get one of your family members to be the mirror whilst you act as the Evil Queen from Snow White!

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the ugliest of them all?

Mirror: Coronavirus!

14. Make food based purely random choices and let’s see what you got! 

Is it edible? Well, take a bite!

15. Reconnect with an old hobby!

Last but not the least – what better way to spend a day than reconnecting with your past passions that have been forgotten in the sands of time? I certainly started drawing again, and man – it feels great!

Why worry? Take your precautions, stay safe! But don’t let yourself worry silly. Instead, have some fun and give social media a break! Make yourself smile a little and the hope will shine through! Stay happy!

Staying Positive Through Tough Times

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