A Silver Lining in A Global Pandemic

Dani’s Case

April 11, 2020

Going through a Global Pandemic and fearing for your life is a terrifying experience. Horrific, even. However, being the happy and bubbly person that I am, I can’t stop myself from looking at the positive side to it. Don’t think I’m crazy just yet.

During this horrific Global Pandemic of 2020 people are losing hope. Everyone is losing positivity.

Two Positive Outcomes of a Global Pandemic.

1 – The Environment

With all the lock-downs happening within countries, more people spend less time outdoors and more time indoors. Levels of pollution in countries all around the world have already been decreasing steadily due to social distancing, from 50% in New York City, to 10% in the Bay Area of California, to 11.4% in China.

Mother Nature is surely enjoying this time. Less trees are being harmed which means deforestation and the burning of forests due to human activities will also decrease.

When this pandemic ends, our nature will be restored and trees will be producing even more oxygen.

Isn’t that something to look forward to?

2 – Families Restored

We’re all being forced to stay home all day with the same people you used to ignore by going to work and school and locking yourself in your room right after. Face to face interactions are bound to happen when people are living in the same house with nowhere to go. This will eventually lead to people being forced to talk to each other and settle their issues. We can only hope that people are taking this time to mend their familial relationships. Couples might resolve their disputes and parent-child relationships may be made stronger.

This is merely an opinion, but hopefully the divorce rate in the year of 2020 will not be as high as past years due to the global pandemic. It’s a stretched idea, but it would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

So when you’re feeling down in the dumps because of the nasty global pandemic we all know as COVID-19, just remember that we have these two things to look forward to.

And of course we can’t forget… looking forward to eating ice cream and fast food in restaurants after the lock-down is over.

As the old adage goes, “there is a silver living in every dark cloud”. This saying reminds us that through every tough time a person goes through – every challenge, every new obstacle to overcome – they all have something in common. There will always be something you’re looking forward to and the escape from the harshness of reality is your silver lining.

Staying Positive During Tough Times

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