Act of Kindness During COVID-19: Help Your Community

Stephanie’s Corner

April 11, 2020

Helping Small Businesses

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Small businesses are the main ones taking the hit during this time. Many governments around the world have shut down businesses all over their country, save for the large corporations that sell things known as “necessities” or “essentials”, in other words, things that we as humans cannot live without. Large corporations like supermarkets and banks remain open during this time. However, that leaves many other sole proprietors (food stand workers, mom and pop restaurants, entrepreneurs, farmers markets) and other small businesses without work. They need our help! Some ways you can help your local small business is by buying small things from them. Order their gift cards if they offer them or make a donation. You don’t even have to spend money. Leave them a nice review on their website or Facebook community. Let them know how much you appreciate them!

Help Patients Suffering from Underlying Diseases

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Family Reach is an organization based in the United States that focuses on caring for families who have children battling cancer. The mission of Family Reach is to ensure that the families of these child do not have to worry about other costing life expenses while troubling over taking care of their loved one. Family Reach works with affected families all over the world to ensure that they get their external needs met including groceries, bills, extra money, etc. so that the family can focus on the most important thing in their life: caring for their child. If you would like to donate to Family Reach click this link to be directed to their home page and more information on how you can show your love and appreciation during this difficult time. 

Send some smiles!

Aesthete American Greeting E-Card

The Aesthete Magazine needs your help sending out e-cards to doctors, nurses, or anyone in the medical field who is working day in and day out to stop the spread of COVID-19 and help treat those who are ill. Click on this link and send an e-card to someone or some people in the medical field who you think may need a smile during this time!

Staying Positive Through Tough Times

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