Mother of Clichés: Rumor!

Twinkle’s Lane

April 11, 2020


Miss. A goes on stage to receive her well-deserved award. Cameras are flashing, fans are screaming, and the is media up in her face. Everyone is ready to stay hooked to every word she says. She is happy, and so she smiles in glee ready to give her acceptance speech.

“I would like to thank my family, friends, and my fans! I would also like to thank my team who helped this to be a possibility. Special thanks to Mr. B, Miss. C and Miss. D for helping me prepare for it!”

Rumors: Ha! We got a new recipe! Let us cook this up into a worldwide scandal!

Media: Famous star Miss. A has broken up with Mr. X (as she did not thank him in her acceptance speech) and is rumoured to be dating her co-star Mr. B! During her speech, she specially thanked him with overflowing happiness. And he was the first person she thanked. Is this our next power couple?

Sensible people: Well really, that doesn’t mean much…

Fans: Oh my goodness, they’re finally dating! I’m so happy! They look so cute together!

Miss A behind the scenes to her real and still existing boyfriend, Mr. X: Are they kidding me?!

Publicist to Miss. A: This is a great opportunity for more publicity! Let us arrange a few couple pictures for you and Mr. B!

Fan Group 1 (enthusiastically) : Oh my goodness, they’re such a perfect couple!

Fan Group 2 (skeptically): Are they really dating or is it because of publicity…?

Miss A : Um… Well, we are not dating.

Twinkle behind the scenes : And thus we get our biggest, entertaining and most clichéd “Entertainment Cliché” ever – Rumors. Well, who can deny loving a good dose of gossip? And that’s exactly what rumors provide: gossip.

But while we are laughing, the celebrity in question may be crying for the same reason.

So, all I can say is: Let us not judge everything based on the media’s words.

After all, Entertainment only remains thus when we get a healthy dose of it!

I hope you all have a nice day and stay safe! Stay inside!

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