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April 11, 2020

Wattpad is an online website where up-and-coming, developing, and developed writers can broadcast their works for the world to see. People from countries all over the world collaborate and utilize the app. Wattpad supports many languages including English, Spanish, French, German, and many more!

Below are the top three book reviews that I thought were absolutely magnificent and worth sharing with The Aesthete

An Undiscovered Gem: Perdigon 

Image taken from Wattpad Author

Packed full of representation and riddled with scientific technology far too advanced for our time, Perdigon follows the journey of Ezra Barany as he struggles to bring his revolutionary precognitive technology to the market. When a freak accident destroys Perdigon, the colonial planet where Ezra’s company is founded, he and his husband Jacob must protect a handful of child survivors and defeat a ruthless oligarch who will stop at nothing to steal Ezra’s tech. 

I enjoyed reading about Ezra’s struggle to control his abilities; it was refreshing to see a protagonist who was not in complete control of their abilities, nor was overpowered. Shruti was one of my favourite characters, though she received less screen time than Ezra or Jacob, due to her no-nonsense attitude. 

Tom Caldwell’s strength lies in his ability to balance his writing between present, past and future through Ezra’s perspective without complicating the story. I also find his descriptions, particularly of scenery, absolutely wonderful. My only complaint with this story is that I haven’t heard news of a second by this author. 

If you’ve ever contemplated what it would be like if you could predict the future, this story is for you. 

A Book I’ve Been Lucky Enough to Beta Read: He Who Will Be King 

Image taken from Wattpad Author

A tale of deception, murder and betrayal, He Who Will Be King is an LGBTQ+ fantasy series that will put you on the edge of your seat. Ewan Kaull prepared to take the throne on his 18th birthday, but an unsettled kingdom pushes his father to hire a personal bodyguard to keep him safe. Shayde El’Yoise is a Shir soldier who hides a dark secret. As time goes on, he must make his hardest decision yet: to betray his people, or the prince he’s fallen in love with. 

Shayde is the character that I find myself rooting for time and time again, no matter what he has or plans to do. His desire to get revenge on the injustices his people face by the kingdom of Mahka is the driving force of his character until doubt in the form of love brings it all to a halt. 

Ewan, on the other hand, reminds me of a lost soul. Questioning his sexuality and struggling to find himself worthy of the crown, Ewan only knows one thing: he wants everyone to like him – even the slaves that previous rulers considered unworthy of acknowledgement. 

Twoony’s ability to construct wonderfully complex plots intertwined with secrets and betrayal without leaving the reader confused clearly demonstrates strength in their writing ability. He Who Will Be King kept me on my toes right up until the very last chapter, and then some! I look forward to reading more from this author. 

If you enjoy a tantalising slow-burn, magic and betrayal that rattles you to your core, this series is for you.

A Book That Deserves The Hype: Crown of Glass 

Image taken from Wattpad Author

Containing dozens of bloodthirsty immortals and marked by a cutthroat competition of royals, Crown of Glass entails the journey of the six houses of the gods as they compete to elect three new rulers to maintain their very existence. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and everything it had to offer. Edwina was one of my favourite characters; being both brutally blunt and gracious enough to protect the lower class within the realm. Her dedication to becoming queen was something that I admired. That said, I admit that I envisioned myself as a member of the Fallen House of Tytos and thus, found myself secretly wishing for her downfall. 

Ruby has a stylistic approach in the layout of her story, in particular, the manner in which she sets out her story in acts rather than chapters. Whilst I wasn’t a fan of it at first, I found that this format adds to the tragedy. 

Ruby has a talent in describing. To put it simply: she writes wonderfully. These descriptions had me hooked from the first sentence, “there was smoke in my eyes and death at my back.” Ruby’s words oozed suspense and kept me from putting the book down. 

Crown of Glass is one of those books that I come back to time and time again and still don’t believe that I have grasped the full meaning behind it. I recommend this book to those who like long reads and ambitious characters. You might want to read this on a rainy day as well – since you’re not going to want to put this book down.

All of these amazing stories can be found on Wattpad!

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