EP “Erocean” Hitting the Charts

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April 30, 2020

LivMassive and Hessian Renegade have teamed up to bring us an epic E.P titled Erocean on March 20th, 2020. The Scottish band had spoken of the E.P. in their interview with The Aesthete, stirring up as much excitement as possible for their fans. Needless to say, they brought everything and more to the table in this four track E.P.; indulging and delighting their listeners in folk, classical, hip-hop and Scottish sounds.

Erocean is not just an E.P, it’s a journey. The first track, Erocean, takes us on a partially lyric free trip. All we hear lyrically are haunting echos. Words are not necessary, as LivMassive’s viola speaks to one’s soul.

Erocean is nothing short of enchanting. I’m going to blame this on the fact that LivMassive drenched the song with a beautiful degree of majesty.

Taken from Google Images; Hessian Renegade “Erocean” Music Video

The second track is called “Locker”. “Locker” is a carefully crafted song; it’s the kind of song that gives me everything, but leaves me wanting more.

The third track is “Targe”, and it brings me everything that Locker left me wanting more of. LivMassive holds nothing back in this track, her fingers order her viola to propel a million emotions onto the listener all at once; adding more momentum to the song.

To end off the E.P., listeners get hit with a song called “Seven Years”. This song is absolutely breathtaking. “Seven Years” truly shows us that Erocean is an experience that transcends the universe of music, pulling this E.P. into a realm of its own. Listeners also get to hear LivMassive play a bigger part vocally on this track.

The E.P. is out and available for listening NOW on Spotify. Check out Hessian Renegade on instagram!

Taken from Google Images

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