Oh Yes, Here Comes Ohnova with Their Newest Single “Nobody Move”

Iman’s Space

May 3, 2020

Ohnova is a Glasgow based alternative trio. Ohnova is dedicated to helping their fans overcome the challenges of life through their music. Today I sat down with the lead singer of Ohnova to talk about their newest single, Nobody Move

“We have to talk about Nobody Move,” I began, “because I was not prepared for what I heard the first time I listened to it. It’s an incredibly energetic song. I especially fell in love with the drums at the beginning of it. Where did the creation of this song begin?” 

“Matthew came in with the verse riff and we absolutely loved it.” Paul said. “We then kept plugging away at it for about 6 months with the working title ‘Disco Boy’. Originally it was a proggy, 5-minute song but it wasn’t working. Just before going into the studio we cut out some parts and rewrote the chorus to what it is now.”

“I love the first sentence of the chorus, ‘You can’t teach fire how to burn’. I heard it the first time and I was absolutely blown away. Throughout the song you kept the lyrics insightful and charged. What is the message behind this song?” I asked.

“The song is about love and trust,” Paul explained. “I work away a lot and it can be hard. It’s dedicated to my wife as a reminder that I’m always coming back and am bound to her alone.

“As for the line ‘you can’t teach fire how to burn’ the message behind that is that love is this inherent thing that happens or it doesn’t. Fire just knows how to burn and we all just know how to love when we meet the right person.”

“Ohnova has hundreds of ears all over the world listening. What kind of feeling would you like to give your listeners through your music?”

“We want our music to inspire people to see the bright side,” Paul said. “Or if they can’t, we want to give them the strength and positivity to get through the harder times in life. Rock music has done that for me so many times, I’d love it if our music helped people in the same way.” I love it when public figures use their large platforms for the greater good of society. 

“In my opinion, the entire concept that Ohnova has cultivated is very unique. What are some of the things that we can expect from Ohnova in the future?”

“Aye, a lot of rock focuses on the negative. We want music that helps you move past it through strength and positivity. That’s the main message in all our music. As for the future, well, we’re in weird times at the moment. We’re sitting at home writing away while trying to find ways to entertain people on lockdown. If anyone wants to see what that ends up being, you can find us by searching Ohnova band,” Paul said.

“Beyond that we’ve our fingers crossed for our next show at ButeFest 2020. And once we’ve moved past this lockdown you best believe we’re hitting the studio and playing as many shows as we can, wherever we can,” he concluded. 

Check out Ohnova on Instagram so you don’t miss their next shows!

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