Elaine’s Block

May 9, 2020

One thing I learned over the course of my ongoing journey with my mental health is that it’s about balance. 

I’ve found that balance is applicable to many areas of life, not just with mental health. Like finding the balance of being empathetic, but also having boundaries. Having fun and taking risks, but being safe. Living in the present, but also planning for the future. 

One particular aspect of mental health that I’ve struggled to balance is the blame game. Sometimes, I blame my mood or my struggles on my mental illnesses. Other times, I blame myself. Blaming all of my problems on my mental illnesses isn’t the answer- but at the same time, I have to remember that my mental illnesses are influential. 

It is hard to find what works for you. With ADD (attention deficit disorder) and anxiety, I had trouble learning in school, so I took all really easy classes in high school. But now that I’m in college, I am trying to take classes that are perhaps intermediate – not too easy, not too hard. I am also taking it slower than a full-time student. I am not taking the maximum number of classes that I technically could in order to keep the work manageable. It isn’t perfect, as some classes are still overwhelming, while others are too easy, but it’s workable. And it’s still something that I am trying to figure out.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that life isn’t all one way or another. I try to recognize when my thinking patterns are making extreme statements like “this will never work” and realize that thinking this way is not nuanced or helpful. I have found that balance is key to maintaining my mental health. 

Mental Health Through Difficult Times


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