Chase Bell: The Entertainment Industry’s King

James’s Word

May 9, 2020

Chase Bell is a Los Angeles based pop artist, songwriter, producer, everything under the entertainment sun. Along with songwriting, he composes television commercials, films, and music videos. His record label “Chase Bell Music” helps artists get their footing in the music industry. Chase himself makes music, and has come out with many hit albums such as “Make Me Come Around” and “Ain’t Funkin’ Around”. 

James: When did you start singing and why did you start?

Chase: I started singing at a very early age. When I would go to family gatherings in New Jersey/New York there would be more guitars than people at the family reunion household. When I was very young and into my teenage years my cousins would sing 3 part harmonies all the time right after dinner parties. My mother was a jazz and cabaret singer in New York City and I would hear her practicing in the car everyday. I got very serious about singing when I was 17 years old. The reason I felt I needed to start singing was because of how music made me feel, like it was the only thing worthy of my focus and energy.

James: How did you market yourself when you were just breaking through?

Chase: Early in my career I was not focused at all on marketing myself. I firmly believed that the quality of the music was enough to push the product to the next level. As I grew as a serious artist I eventually understood more and more about marketing and now it is an essential part of the process of making music.

James: What draws you to sing your style of music?

Chase: I make the kinds of music I want to listen to. I don’t ever consider genre when writing and producing music. If I hear in my head a guitar then I will lay down a guitar. My own style of artistry and producing is based [on] what I have listened to all of my life.

James: What do you think of when singing?

Chase: That’s a very interesting question. The voice is an instrument played by the heart, so at its best I believe you don’t need to be thinking and engaging the mind to action in order to sing effectively. I try not to think while singing, because I have spent much of my life understanding the mechanics of singing and now that I know all of that I want to let my heart emote through the instrument called the voice.

James: How do you feel when singing?

Chase: I feel empowered to recount the story at hand and allow myself to be an audience to my own voice.

James: How do you stay motivated?

Chase: It is not a question of how for me, but a question of why. I stay motivated because if I am not motivated to make music my life mean[s] nothing… I want to die having had a meaningful life, that is such a strong reason for me to stay motivated I don’t need to think of “how” because the “how” will find me.

James: How has your life changed since you’ve become famous?

Chase: I get emails and messages every single day about how my music has positively [affected] other people and for me that is a beneficial reminder that I am in fact doing well in the world and my music is a gift to the world. However whether my music is recognized or not isn’t my main focus.

James: Can we have some tips on how to properly write a song?

Chase: Writing songs is all about digging. When you are digging for gold you have to dig down deep, you have to dig everyday and most days you will not turn up with gold. However if you dig everyday you can eventually strike gold but it was only because you allowed yourself to dig up all the dirt first. So if you are a songwriter, be a songwriter everyday for years and eventually you will dig up something worth saying.

James: What is your pre-gig routine?

Chase: Lots of meditation, body work, breath-work, and positive visualization.

James: Who would you like to work with later on down the line?

Chase: I am already working with those I want most to work with, continue following me and you will be privy to who those people are.

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Truly inspirational words coming from Chase Bell. Check him and his work out here on Instagram!

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