Elizabeth Adan: Cultivating Art and Poetry

James’s Word

May 9, 2020

Elizabeth Adan is an artist and poet who has currently published five books. Her Instagram presence @edgeofelizabeth is profound and it always brightens mine and her many other follower’s day.

James: When did you start creating art?

Elizabeth: I’ve been an artist all my life! I distinctly remember watercoloring some flowers when I was in Kindergarten and I always loved craft projects. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would’ve told you an artist! Although I do have a day job, I have continued my passioforrof art and music throughout my life and fit it into my priorities every day.

James: Does your family support you with your art?

Elizabeth: Yes they do! I am very fortunate to be surrounded by supportive people who encourage me to express myself and share my talents.

James: What inspires you to continue?

Elizabeth: Art is more than a hobby or an activity for me – it’s a language. I often refer to it as my “love language” since I find it easiest to express myself through written words or graphic art. I feel noticeable stress relief when I am working on a project or writing for fun.

James: What does the process of publishing a book look like?

Elizabeth: I self-published my books on Amazon and their tools are very straightforward to use. I write all my work in a notes app on my phone or handwritten in a journal, then edit them on a computer. Compiling the poetry into cohesive themes for books is the hardest part! I also design my own book covers and cover art.

James: How do you stay motivated to continue creating?

Elizabeth: I don’t usually have a problem getting motivated to create – it’s more of a natural urge for me. If I had the time to create every hour of the day, I would! If I’m ever feeling creatively-stuck, I read my old work or listen to some inspiring music. I also like to read the work of other poets I enjoy; they may inspire me to try a new style or work from a prompt.

Elizabeth Adan work – Taken from Instagram

James: How often do you practice? And how do you find the time?

Elizabeth: Everyday. I write and paint late at night and it’s a helpful way to decompress.

James: What does art mean to you?

Elizabeth: It’s something that gives me joy while I am creating and helps reduce stress. Looking back on my past work brings me a sense of pride and inspiration – it’s everything to me.

James: What is the most crucial part when creating a piece of art?

Elizabeth: I don’t think there are any rules to creativity – the most important part is to be confident in your work. As children, we have creative confidence and proudly share our work. As adults, we lose that confidence and can be hesitant to show our work to the world. I hope to encourage everyone that we are all creative beings. No matter your skill level, we are all artists and everything you create has value – especially if it was something that brought you happiness.

James: What is your main art-related goal?

Elizabeth: My art is really personal, and it helps me to make sense of my life and work through my feelings. Continuing to use it as a healthy outlet is my main goal, however, I also really enjoy sharing it with others and hope it brings some light to their day.

James: Can you share a technique to help people to create art?

Elizabeth: Learn a creative tool like Photoshop, then you’ll have lots of options! I like to do physical paintings, photograph them, then edit and digitally manipulate them in Photoshop to create the final graphic piece.

Taken from Elizabeth Adan website

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