“Take Today” Takes Center Stage

Iman’s Space

May 9, 2020

Glasgow band, Take Today, has made a name for themselves within the past twelve months. Their most recent single, Lifeline, brought forth large amounts of success to the band. The single was deemed “Track of The Week” on Jim Gellaty’s Amazing Radio show. Today we took some time with the band members to discuss alternative career paths and music influences.

“What are some of Take Today’s biggest music influences?” I asked.

Paul started off. “I listen to a lot of different music that influences me from bands like Biffy Clyro to A Day To Remember,” he said. “I believe my approach to writing lyrics and melodies helped with the wide variety of genres I listen to.” 

“My musical influences change quite a lot. Just now I’m really into Issues and Bring Me The Horizon. I think both those bands are just always a step ahead of everything else that’s going on in music and I find that really inspiring.” Cameron added.

Scott said, “My musical influences are constantly changing but at the moment I’m constantly jamming to monuments, starset and vola but also a bit of Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars. They all have something very unique to offer for listening and practice purposes.” 

“My musical influences are all over the place, everything from classic to more contemporary bands,” Kai mentioned. “I guess recently though I’ve been listening to bands such as Bury tomorrow, A day to remember, I prevail, Bear tooth, Vukovi, issues. Have to add the midnight is in there as a curve ball.”

“When music first really had an impact on me I was roughly about 13 and at that time it was the likes of Linkin Park, Slipknot and Foo Fighters that started me on my musical path, then I experienced Metallica and from there until I was about 20 they were the be all and end all for me but now I am just a fan of music and different things influence me every day whether it’s music, a movie or something as simple as a conversation. Band wise – A day to remember, Bear tooth, Biffy clyro” Neil said.

“The music industry is constantly growing and evolving,” I began. “It has its ups and downs, but the great thing about it is that there’s constantly room for different kinds of movement. Where does Take Today want to be in the future?”

“The dream is to solidify a name for ourselves in the modern heavy rock/metal scene but also to get music out there to a variety of people and pull in fans of all genres,” Take Today answered.

“What would you all be doing right now if you hadn’t pursued a career in music?” I asked the final question.

“As much as it’s a typical answer to give, I honestly don’t know as music is all I know, I dabble in video editing, so I would probably do something like this.” Paul said.

Cameron added, “If I hadn’t pursued a career in music I’d probably be a photographer. I’ve always found that creative things interest me more and photography has always been a passion of mine.”

“If I weren’t doing music I’m unsure what I’d be doing,” Scott confessed. “Ideally I’d probably join the police and work my way up the ranks but pursuing a career in music is definitely the main goal.”

“If I hadn’t gotten into music I would either be studying sound design as it’s always something that I’ve found interesting, but more likely be focusing on my full time job as a coffee roaster, I have had a passion for coffee for many years.” Kai answered.

“Since a very young age I have been fascinated by the ocean and always wanted to be a marine biologist but realistically I don’t think it would have been something I would be doing,” Neil stated. “So I’d either be doing what I’m doing now which is working in a care home or working in a dead end job that I hated.”

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