The Return of Nate Fuller

Iman’s Space

May 9, 2020

A little while ago, we had Backseat Vinyl in for an interview. Since then, they’ve all been onto big things. They released their new song Bad Trip in April 2020, and it’s not stopping there. Lead singer of Backseat Vinyl, Nate Fuller has started up a new project called Bobby Ultra. Today we took some time to talk to Nate about Bobby Ultra’s origin story, freedom and the meaning of true friendship. 

“So, Nate, we’re all used to knowing you as Nate Fuller. I’m genuinely interested in the origin of your new persona. How did Bobby Ultra come into existence?” I asked. While we often see musicians break away from the familiar and venture into the unknown, I do believe that there’s something special about Bobby Ultra. In my opinion, it’s far more than a new name, it’s a new identity altogether. 

“I created Bobby Ultra when I was about sixteen. I think I was doing shrooms with my friend. We were walking around at night and I just started talking about it. We always thought it would be a cool name for a serial killer. I wrote the name down so I wouldn’t forget about it and I ended up forgetting about it anyways. But I recently remembered it and it was the first name that came to mind before naming this project.”

“What can we expect from Bobby Ultra in the future?” 

“I’m not really sure what to expect from it myself,” Nate laughed. “I’m dipping my toes into new waters and I’m excited. Expect more music for sure, but I’m not going to fall down to a strict genre or anything like that. Keep your mind open and expect more music.”

“What is one of the most important things that Bobby Ultra represents?” I asked. 

“Bobby Ultra represents freedom to me. I’ve been sitting on the idea to start this project for years, but I’m finally doing it now purely for the fun of it,” Nate told The Aesthete. “I’m not doing this for anyone or anything. I’m just having fun. It took me a long time to understand how to have fun while creating music. I function best under pressure, but I’ve found a way to enjoy doing this under pressure.” 

I had to know next, “What do you hope to create through Bobby Ultra in the long term?”

“I haven’t made it that far in my planning. I’m not sure what to expect in the long run. Right now, I’m taking it day by day and I’m trying to have fun in the process of it all. I don’t plan on touring off this or anything, simply because I’m more comfortable being a hermit under my comfortable rock.” Nate laughed. I relate to the hermit under a rock part on a spiritual level. 

“So you released a song called Seattle under Bobby Ultra a little while back. What is the overall meaning behind Seattle?” Seattle is probably one of my favorite songs at the moment. From the first time I listened to it, I knew that it was going to be a song I would listen to over and over again. As I listened to it more, I began to feel nostalgic for people and places that I never knew to begin with. 

“Seattle” Taken from Google images

“I wrote Seattle in September of 2019. 2019 was a rough year, man. But my best friend left Colorado in 2018 and I really started feeling the damage of losing my support system. I was drinking too much and all that stuff. Seattle is about losing your best friend. You know they’re leaving for a good cause, but you just want to follow them because once they leave that place no longer becomes a place to call home. He left to go to Seattle two years ago and we still talk everyday. Cherish your best friend, never take a moment for granted. Love you, Kyle.”

My goodness, never have I ever reached for my phone to text my best friend back as fast as I did now. 

Nate Fuller is an Aesthete approved artist. Check out Seattle on YouTube and show him some Aesthete love.

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