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May 10, 2020

Alex.isrunning (aka Alex) is a running Instagrammer who shares his races on social media for the world to see. He currently runs for Radcliffe Athletics Club and competes in a championship series (The Central Lancashire Grand Prix). He has run in a national stage for his county at the Cross Country Championships and is currently preparing for a half marathon. 

James: When did you start running? Why did you start?

Alex: February of 2018 to help with my mental health. 

James: Who inspires (or inspired) you to run?

Alex: My mum who used to run, my uncle who I always aspire to be like and beat, and definitely Eliud Kipchoge. 

James: What’s the most important thing, to you, about running?

Alex: The fact that anyone can do it and it is very accessible. 

James: What do you think about when you’re running?

Alex: Absolutely everything; there is never one thing in particular. I just sort out all my thoughts but it clears my head. 

James: How do you prepare yourself for a race?

Alex: certain pre-race rituals, easy run a few days before and putting my phone away 30 minutes before then warming up thoroughly. 

Taken from alex.isrunning Instagram

James: What are your favourite running shoes?

Alex: On Cloudflow for the road, Salomon Speedcross 4 for the trails.

James: What’s the hardest race you’ve ever ran?

Alex: Through The Villages in Chorley (8.5 miles of just hills). 

James: What do you think you should do when you feel like stopping but know you shouldn’t? 

Alex: Just think about how I feel when I’ve given up in the past and how bad it makes me feel.

James: Who, in your opinion, is the best runner in the world?

Alex: Joshua Cheptegei

James: What advice would you give to beginner runners?

Alex: Don’t build up the mileage to fast and enjoy the easy runs before you try anything else 

You can check out his Instagram so you don’t miss a single mile!

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