Charlie Void Strikes Again

Iman’s Space

May 17, 2020

While most of you know him as the Just Dance and Ecstasy hitmaker, he’s known affectionately as The Aesthete’s “It Boy” to our team. Dripping with charm, style, and enthusiasm, Charlie Void is the majestic being that we simply cannot get enough of. Today we sat down with Charlie to talk about everything: from his style choices to his compassionate side. 

“So, Charlie. You’ve posted some fashionable outfits on your Instagram recently. It’s very refreshing to see someone transcend the boundaries of gender roles as naturally as you do. Who and what are some of your biggest style inspirations at this point in time?” Charlie has cultivated and mastered his unique style over time. Charlie Void never fails to serve a look. 

Taken from Charlie Void Instagram

“Well I’ve always tried to convey the idea that fashion is about expression of self and not about gender, so I’m happy that that’s coming across!” Charlie said. “Currently I’ve been looking a lot towards the golden age of Hollywood for my style inspiration and giving it my own twist, [so] if I had to pick someone from that era that inspires my everyday looks I’d say Marilyn Monroe. Elegant, refined but simplistic.” 

“So we see you sporting Steve Madden quite often. Steve Madden is an iconic brand, so it stands to reason that an icon like yourself would be drawn to the brand. When it comes to style choices, what are some of the things that you look for in a brand before showing your support towards it?”

“Well, what I adore about Steve Madden is the way I feel when I’m in their stores,” Charlie explained. “The staff go above and beyond to help you, and neither the brand nor the staff treat you differently when you say you want to try on a pair of heels! They recognise that shoes are simply shoes, no matter who wears them. So I guess in a brand I look for how they cater to the queer community and how relaxed they are when it comes to gender norms. Zara also does this well, I own several pairs of jeans that I found in the women’s section and they fit me perfectly, so it feels as if the brand designed those jeans to fit someone’s waistline not their gender and that’s what I love! Honestly, Steve Madden and Zara should sponsor me at this point!” 

“Ever since Ecstasy was released, I’ve been listening to it everyday. It’s a timeless song and I never get bored of it. I know for a fact that when you come out with new music again it’s going to be something that’s simply out of this world. Can you give us some details on what we can expect?” The song is very addictive. 

“I’m currently working on something that’s a bit more emotional and different from what I’ve released previously, I want to show listeners a different part of myself as well as show my range as an artist. My dance-pop fans shouldn’t worry though, I’ll make sure to include a club mix for them!” Charlie hinted. 

“Speaking of Ecstasy, the release of the song sighted an upsurge of streams on your music and new listeners, particularly a fan base growth within the U.K. What are your thoughts on this?” I asked. I’m so glad to see that Charlie’s reach was spreading beyond South Africa. 

“I’m absolutely ecstatic! I didn’t expect to find a foothold in the UK initially, but my music is doing really well there, I even got playlisted on a Spotify pop music playlist. My listeners are increasing rapidly and across many countries! So far I’ve averaged about 1000 new listeners a week! I hope I can sustain this growth by giving fans and listeners what they want, that’s why I’m so excited to release new music, I’ve worked in the studio today as a matter of fact on my next two releases, but with the covid-19 pandemic I can’t commit to release dates as of yet,” Charlie told The Aesthete

“You recently made a compassionate video for one of your fans struggling with cancer. What’s the story behind this?”

“I was contacted by a man from Brighton, UK, and he told me his mother loves my music and is a fan. She’s currently struggling with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is 64 years old. The man, Philip Rapsey, asked me if I’d consider writing to his mother and of course I immediately agreed but recorded a video for his mother, Sue-Lynne, because I didn’t know how reliable the postal service might be during the lockdown. She was surprised and delighted, and I’m so happy I could make an impact like that on someone’s life. As an artist we sometimes forget that our work means something to some people, all my friends and family just know me as boring old me, not Charlie Void, so it was a surreal moment to realise that I actually have a voice and influence in the world. I also realised the weight and responsibility of that, which is why I want to use my voice and platform to help others and raise awareness for the many important issues that are dear to me such as LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality and environmental conservation to name a few.”

It’s safe to say that Charlie is an artist with a conscience. Charlie has found the perfect balance between maintaining his star persona and being everyone’s favorite friend by maintaining his modesty. Here at The Aesthete, we can’t wait to see what else our resident superstar is going to bring to the table. 

Check out Charlie Void and his music on Spotify and Instagram!

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