A Concert in Your Living Room

(Featured) Romy

May 28, 2020

Everything is a little different now with the virus. Many countries are in lockdown, homeschooling or online classes have become a thing for most students, and all events are canceled until further notice. On that last point, there are some creative solutions though. More and more artists are doing online concerts or going live on social media to perform. One of those groups is OG3NE.

Taken from Google Images; OG3NE

OG3NE is a Dutch girl band consisting of three sisters. They’re pretty well known here in the Netherlands and probably also in other countries, as they competed at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. They were in the middle of their “Sweet Harmony” theater tour when the virus outbreak started and they had to postpone all the remaining shows. But that didn’t bring them down. They started doing home isolation covers, where they covered a song singing in the lines alone in their homes and editing them together. They decided to give an online concert based on those home isolation covers called “The Home Isolation Concert”. Considering I’m quite a big fan of OG3NE and the tickets were only €4, I was quickly convinced to buy a ticket. 

The concert was on May 17 and it was scheduled to start at 7 pm. When the day rolled around I made sure I had dinner early and my sister and I went to her room a good 15 minutes before to log onto the website in time.

But that’s when the problems started to appear. Time was ticking by and we didn’t manage to log in. While my sister kept trying to log in, I grabbed my tablet and went to Facebook to see if more people had issues to log in. And that’s when I saw nobody could get in. The server this online concert would be held on couldn’t contain the number of people who bought tickets, and it crashed. 7 pm passed by and the comments on Facebook grew by hundreds per minute. Close to 10,000 people had bought a ticket and just a handful of people managed to log in. 

When it was almost 8 pm, and the concert was supposed to be finished, a message showed up on OG3NE’s social media accounts. They also got informed about the website crash and wanted to try and give another concert at 9 pm. This would be hosted on another server and everyone who bought a ticket would get an email with a new link. So the waiting began.

Meanwhile, I was still glued to Facebook, trying to see if other people already had a link. 8 pm turned into 8:30 pm and my sister and I were starting to lose hope. But right at that moment a link came in the mail, and when we opened it a countdown clock showed up with music by OG3NE in the background. By this time all the faith was back and my sister and I sang along to the background music until the concert started.

The concert itself was absolutely amazing. The girls from OG3NE immediately apologized for the technical issues, which of course wasn’t their fault, and told everyone who was watching how happy they were that we were willing to give it another go.

It’s almost needless to say their singing was beyond amazing as always. I’ve seen them live two times already, and this concert wasn’t any less amazing. Some “behind the song” stories were told, jokes were made and there was even some dancing. The smile on my face and the goosebumps on my arms stayed there for the full hour, and probably for the rest of the night as well. 

It hurt my heart to read all the negative comments and articles I read the next day. All the media wrote about was how the first concert went wrong and all about the angry comments. The fact that they stayed in that studio two hours longer and did another concert for over 60,000 people is completely left out.

Why? Because it isn’t a sensation? Because the media doesn’t want to admit that they’re wrong? Because nobody wants to read about success?

I don’t know. All I know is that these girls deserve so much better than what the media is giving them. They did everything to make their fans happy and performed two amazing concerts because of something that didn’t lay in their power. If that doesn’t deserve a positive article then I don’t know what does. I know one thing. I’ll sure as hell buy tickets for the next online concert and I’ll enjoy it just as much.


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