Known Unknown (Short Story)

Short Story

Amaya’s Chapter

June 18, 2020

Some strangers feel nearer than your blood. Some strangers are not strangers. When the Known becomes unknown, the unknown becomes known.

Have you ever encountered a stranger and felt like you’ve known them forever?

They’re not strangers. They just pretend to be a stranger while deep inside their hearts there is connection. A familiarity. A known. There’s telepathy between hearts. Find the heart, the telepathy will grow itself.

Don’t ever ignore a stranger because you’ve never known him before, accept him because he is finally there. Don’t ignore the smile a stranger gifts you, gift it back. They made you happy, make them happier.

Happiness for happiness.

Smile for a smile.

Heart for heart.

Pain for pain.

Love for love.

Known for the unknown.

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