Summer Themed Writing Prompts

Anna’s Analysis

June 18, 2020

For most of you, summer is already here. Summer is the season of tanning, long holidays, late nights, swimming in the ocean and eating icecream on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, in this season of COVID-19, many of us don’t have the opportunity to get outdoors. 

Here’s a selection of SEVEN summer-themed writing prompts. Tag me on Wattpad (@breathingchemicals) or on Instagram (@annacaatherine_) if you use one of them! You can also tag the Aesthete Magazine on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook if you wish! We’d love to see what you write. 

• Start the story with this sentence: I used to enjoy feeling the sand between my toes. 

• In 20 words or less, describe what summer feels like for you. 

• You find a mermaid. The problem? The mermaid is dead. 

• My mother went diving once, when she was younger, and my grandmother swears that the woman who emerged was someone else in her mother’s skin. 

• A twist on the most popular mermaid tale: Ariel. 

• “How do we keep getting into these situations?” “Twenty years of friendship and I still don’t know.” 

• You watched your best friend drown in the ocean when you were five years old, so why are they standing in front of you now?

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