X-Factor Fever

Twinkle’s Lane

June 30, 2020

The famous British Reality Show has been running for a very long time. With a critically sarcastic personality and a penchant for discovering talent, Simon Cowell first created this show in 2004 and since then, it has generated a number of chart-toppers and social media influencers.

Apart from a humongous range of talented artists, X-Factor has also had a number of great judges from the ripe world of the music industry, from Tulisha, Louis Walsh, Paula Abdul, Sharon Osborne, Robby Williams, and more.

Some of the most acclaimed singers that were brought to fame with the help of X-Factor are as follows!

One Direction

Who hasn’t heard of this brand? From screaming girls in concerts and sold-out album records, One Direction was the “biggest boy band” on Earth before their break-up. The five boys started out as talented solo singers in the 2010 X-Factor and were put together by Simon Cowell to compliment each other’s talent and fill into the weaknesses, saving them from elimination and bringing them the fame, fortune, and glory for years to come.

Fifth Harmony

Just like One Direction, Fifth Harmony was brought together by Simon Cowell, piecing together solo participants who were about to be eliminated. Fifth Harmony from thereon went on to become first in the show and become one of the biggest girl bands in the world.

Little Mix

Season 8 in 2011 brought to the world another massive girl band that has taken a significant place in the world of pop music – Little Mix. Another result of individual participants brought together who went on to show the platform what true talent does.

James Arthur

Who hasn’t heard his name? Haven’t so many of us swooned over that soulful voice of this favourite artist? He is an outcome of Season 9 in 2012. Starting from the auditions, James had become a favourite among the judges. His talent shone through the glitter and dazzle of the X-Factor stages and from there he went on to top charts and win awards with his voice.

Louisa Johnson

With a powerful voice, stage presentation skills, and looks, Louisa Johnson participated in the twelfth season in 2015. Her winning single “Forever Young” reached No. 9 in the UK Singles Charts. 

There are many notable ex-contestants and winners of X-Factor like Matt Terry, Ella Henderson, Ben Haenow, Sam Bailey, Leona Lewis, Alex and Sierra, Brendan Murray, and more who started from the show and went on to reach Top 10 in Music Charts.

While X-Factor has gained quite some criticism for toxic contestant environment and more, it still remains an ocean of discoverable talent!

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