Incorporting Organic Foods Into Your Diet

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Organic food has known to be more expensive than a lot of food that is available in the market, including foods that contain chemicals, pesticides, and other negative enhancements.  If the budget is tight, how can you eat healthy while not spending too much? 

First of all, there’s a few reasons why organic food is more expensive.  It is not simply organic farms are just pocketing more profit. It takes more resources, certifications, and labor for farmers to go organic. But organic farming is becoming more of a priority for some and it also contributes less harmful practices to the environment in the long run. So there is hope that the economy will allow for healthier food alternatives to become more affordable. 

But until then, here are some ways that you can include more organic foods in your diet when it is harder to afford. 

  1. Start Small

You don’t have to scrap your entire grocery list in favor of organic food. Start by substituting one or two things on your list for organic products and go from there

  1. Grow your own food

Look for seeds at your local store and start your own garden. You don’t have to have a large backyard for this, you can just invest in a pot and some soil, and plant some vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce. 

  1. Check out your local farmer’s market

Although there is no guarantee that local farmers that sell at the farmer’s market have organic produce, it is a place to get fresher produce that hasn’t been sitting around for a long time, and a lot of vendors do sell organic. 

  1. Buy produce that isn’t processed or pre-prepared 

Instead of buying produce that are cut or shredded already, it is less expensive if you buy produce that hasn’t been processed or cut in any way. 

Organic food is better for the environment and for your health, but it is expensive and it can be hard to completely change the way you buy food. Small steps can help achieve a better, healthier lifestyle.

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