One Ingredient, Many Tastes

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Being on a healthy lifestyle is highly important. But with busy schedules or merely a lazy demeanor, we often find ourselves neglecting our health. Junk food may be a treat to the taste buds, but long term consumption is very bad for the stomach.

Even a little time out of the day to have a balanced diet can prove to be good for health. For example, drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, and including some vegetables and fruits into your daily diet can prove to be good.

Fruits are not only good for the stomach, but they also provide cooling refreshments to our body and mind.

Vegetables may be tasty to some and may be abhorrent to others. However, the advantages of having vegetables include that they can be cooked in a way that doesn’t even keep their original taste.

Of course, that does take away certain vital minerals of the vegetables but not all is lost. 

I still remember how I used to hate having vegetables. But then, someone cooked mashed vegetables for me, with a small amount of spices too. 

Mashed potatoes with vegetables; Taken from google images

The first time I saw that dish, I did not even realize it was made fully with vegetables. I suppose not being able to see the size and shape of something you hate, does take away some of the pre-stored hatred towards it. Keeping an open mind does help in judging the food without bias. That dish, to say the least, was delicious.

I think we can unanimously agree that a lot of experiments can be done with food.

So you hate fruits? There are thousands of fruit dishes that produce different tastes from the same materials. From a thousand different tastes, we can be sure to have at least one that will delight our taste buds.

So, whether you hate healthy food or love it, it’s always good to have things that are better for health. So don’t put aside any ingredient that is beneficial for the body. Instead, try to mold it into something that will taste well too.

Of course, Google recipes are always at your command!

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