Forever Fun with Backseat Vinyl

Iman’s Space

July 20, 2020

“We made this the final single to show our audience that although most of this album will be mainly speedy, there will still be some diversity to it. We focused on keeping a strict garage punk theme to this album, whereas with the last one we experimented a little more with the rock/punk genre.” Backseat Vinyl’s drummer, Keenan Clarke had said, speaking of their upcoming single Forever Fun. 

While they might not know it, Backseat Vinyl has created many songs that I consider to be the soundtrack to many moments of my life. Late Nights Alone, in particular, has kept me company on many a lonely evening. I’m sure you can only imagine how high my expectations for Forever Fun were. Backseat Vinyl did not disappoint with this single. This single packs a classic Backseat Vinyl punch. Forever Fun takes us on various highs and lows and tells a story like no other. Forever Fun is the final track on Backseat Vinyl’s upcoming album, Scared of Everything

“What was the creative process for this album like for you as the drummer?” I had asked Keenan Clarke. 

Scared of Everything was probably my most challenging project,” Keenan told The Aesthete

“As our previous two singles will show, most of this album is gonna be fast, real fast. Playing at these speeds kind of developed within me a new sense of focus in drumming; on top of building the stamina needed to keep up. I had to make sure I was still hitting my drums hard enough to get the projection I was looking for.

“I experimented a lot with this album in terms of writing. These tracks had a lot of opportunities to create memorable and exciting parts for listeners. I didn’t have as good of an ear for this style of punk rock when writing our last album, so I just kept my drums simple. 

Now that I have more time invested in this style, I was able to maintain the theme of the genre while bringing my take of it to the table.” Keenan also expressed the difficulties that the team experienced recently with regards to Covid-19. “Due to the world’s current state and events in our personal lives, this album was difficult to get through, for both the band and our engineers. 

“But this album was meant to be sad and we all grew from it – both as musicians and people – so l like to think this all happened for a reason. This all made the album what it needed to be.

“We don’t know what’s next for us, and that’s okay. Despite its difficulty, this album still holds a lot of great memories, I can honestly say it’s our best work to date, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. I’m proud of my team pushing through to finish this album, I’m more proud of the people we became at the end of it. I love you guys.” 

I was simply captivated and mesmerized by Forever Fun. The lyrics are enchanting and infectious. The vocals sound as if they’re tracing images within the minds of the listener. Forever Fun is a true musical adventure for music lovers. Forever Fun will hit your favorite streaming platforms on July 24! You can keep your eyes peeled for Scared of Everything on August 28.

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