Demonstrating Your Love for Books

Anna’s Analysis

National Book Lovers day was on August 9. In the spirit of that, I wanted to share with you some activities YOU can do to celebrate National Book Lovers day! 

Write a short story

Take some of the prompts off our page! Writing a short story is an excellent way to celebrate the day by doing what writers love – writing! You could also share what you write with us. Just tag our Instagram! 

Read a book

This one is kind of a no-brainer. Go and read! Whether you choose to read one of the many amazing published works out there (head over to my collection of classic must-reads for some of my favourites!) or read on a writing platform such as Wattpad, you’ll be supporting some of the wonderful authors out there. Be sure to let the author know how much you appreciate them! 

Tweet (or post!) about books

Writing and reading are hobbies that are (quite disappointedly) unappreciated in the modern era. You could make someone’s day, and open someone’s eyes to the world of reading/writing, by posting about it!

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