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There is a search engine called Ecosia that uses the profit they make off of your searches to plant trees around the world and they just recently reached the milestone of planting one hundred million trees! 

Founded in 2009, the CEO of Ecosia Christian Kroll started this social business after traveling the world and discovering the severity of deforestation and wanted to make a change. He created a company to help plant more trees which contribute to the decrease of harmful CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Ecosia is run by renewable energy, promises that they don’t sell your data, and are completely transparent about where they are spending their money and resources. It’s neat to see where the trees are being planted and where the resources are being put to use. 

They have a brilliant blog that illustrates what the trees mean for change and tells of how their impact goes beyond climate change.

Some ways to get involved include setting your homepage to Ecosia and using it to search up what you might normally “Google” on a given day, such as the definition of defenestration, what is the melting point of iron, and other random things one might search up. They also have a mobile app to check out. 

We can help change the world, one search at a time. 

Get Ecosia on in the App Store for iOS devices or in the Play Store for Android devices and start searching sustainably. 

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