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The name Charlie Void is steeped in the majesty of passion, fun and excitement. Charlie embodies the essence of art through his music, bringing pop music to life once more. Charlie received an outpouring of love and support on his previous singles, Just Dance and Ecstasy. Cape Town’s it boy” is not slowing down soon. Today we sat down with Charlie to talk about his upcoming single, You & Me, set to release on the one year anniversary of Just Dance

You & Me is such a beautiful song, Charlie. I think it’s a song that everyone can relate to on some level. We see a big shift in your style with this song. What sighted this change in sound for you?” You & Me reflects a melancholic undertone, taking us on a journey of heartbreak. Charlie’s new single is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey. 

“Well, I think my music should evolve just like I evolve and grow as a person.” Charlie told The Aesthete, “I’ve always wanted to do a song in the style of You & Me, I wrote this song in 2018 when I was still living in the United States. Fun fact, You & Me is only the second song I’ve ever written! It’s one of my firsts, I just haven’t gotten around to actually recording it!” 

“I think that You & Me can convey many emotions and conjure up many memories within the minds of listeners. What message are you looking to deliver to your listeners through this song?” I asked. 

You & Me is about unrequited love, which is something I’ve experienced, and I think everyone does at some point.” Charlie said, “Someone not loving you back is one of the most soul crushing experiences ever. Leading up to the conception of this song I was really struggling to move on from someone. I was hung up on the same guy for more than a year. Crazy, right?! This song isn’t about breaking up with someone, it’s about moving on from people who aren’t meant to be in our life. When I say it’s over between you and me in my song, it’s not me saying it to someone else, it’s me telling myself, Hey, it’s over! You gotta move on and cut that emotional tie.” Charlie explained, expressing the importance of understanding one’s self worth. 

“Whenever I work on something, I always find the creative process very interesting. It’s always full of ups and downs. What was the creative process for You & Me like?” 

“Well writing the song was actually very easy for me,” Charlie expresses. “I struggle to write the more generic dance-pop songs, because they lack a sense of depth. With a ballad that has real meaning to me, the lyrics and melody just flow for me. I think I wrote the lyrics in fifteen minutes or so, and then the next day I went to the studio near my house in America and I wrote the melody line on the piano in thirty minutes. So, writing it was a quick one, but the production of the track was meticulous and long. I was being extremely picky, and everything had to perfect, from the orchestra to the vocals. I went to the studio in Cape Town and sang two alternative vocal melody lines. The first version was extremely complicated and over the top and the second one was simplified and lower in range. The first version we used as a backing vocal by reversing the vocal and putting it through reverb and then reversing it again, and then layered the second version on top of that to give the track that ethereal and moody sound. As you can imagine this took a long time to basically record two different songs and mash them together. I wanted to show the world what I can do as a vocalist and songwriter, and not be the electro voice dance pop singer that I’m known for.” 

You & Me was certainly an unexpected, but lovely, surprise. What more can we expect from Charlie Void?”

“Thank you so much, it really means so much to me.” Charlie said. “I’ve been experimenting with styles like You & Me and club music concepts, but I’m going to be taking a little break from music, at least in a professional sense. I want to focus on another project, which I can’t legally discuss, but I’m so excited about it and it requires my full attention. I’ll still work on music behind the scenes, but I don’t think I will be releasing music soon again.” 

Charlie Void’s You & Me is set to make its way onto your favorite streaming platforms on September 30th.

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