Party Makeup Ideas

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December 21, 2019

I’m sure that you are aware of the fact that it’s the festive season, and I’m sure that you know that the festive season equals party season

Here at The Aesthete, we care about our readers and we want them to feel fabulous

Which is why I’ve compiled a list of beautiful party makeup ideas! 

There’s something for everyone; we’ve got dramatic looks, we’ve got natural looks. We’ve got it all!

So, let’s get started!

If you’re looking to channel your inner Josh Dunn, this one’s for you

This has got to be my favorite look

Not only is it perfect for party time, it’s also versatile enough to wear on any occasion

I would suggest sticking to metallic red eye shadow to avoid looking like you have an eye infection

For those of you looking for a classic look, this one’s for you

Who doesn’t love a classic smokey eye? Black eye shadow has a way of getting everywhere. I would suggest doing your eyes before you put foundation on so you can clean up the fallout from your eye shadow

Another amazing tip I have is to apply black eyeliner first and then go in with your black eye shadow

For those of you who are in a colorful mood, this one’s for you

I think this look is perfect for any occasion. To avoid looking like you got into a bad fight, I would once again like to suggest that you use metallic eye shadow

For those of you looking for something more natural, this one’s for you

The thing I love about this look is that it hits the sweet spot right in the middle of too little and too much. It’s perfect for daytime parties too. The best part? It can take you from day time to night time

For my rose gold lovers, I have this for you

It’s by far one of the most glamorous things I’ve ever set my eyes on. You know how glitter works, don’t you? You put it in one place and it gets everywhere. I would suggest that you do your eye shadow first and then your foundation 

Here are some tips that always come in handy:

If you’re not a fake eyelash kind of person, apply Vaseline to your lashes then mascara 

If you don’t do glitter, use a metallic eyeliner. My favorite glittery eyeliner is NYX’s Studio Liquid Liner

If you’re trying to make your eyelashes look thicker, run a black eyeliner pencil along your upper lash line

That’s all for today, lovelies!

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