Privacy Policy

The Aesthete is committed to protecting the rights and ensuring safety of all affiliates.

What We Use

The Aesthete Magazine uses sites such as WordPress, Mighty Network, Google Forms, and Survey Monkey to gather voluntary information given to The Aesthete upon the consent of the affiliates of The Aesthete Magazine

What We Collect

We collect voluntary information such as names/nicknames and email addresses, and age range. Nothing that we have on record will be of any form that has not already been consensually given to us by the member


We collect names (or nicknames) as a way to identify you. Email addresses are used to communicate important information and as a way to have a means of contact in the event that you are not able to get in contact on our main chatting platform. Your age range is only used once in the application process to ensure you meet the basic age limit requirement specified in the Age and Protection subsection below

Age and Protection

To keep members safe, The Aesthete Magazine prohibits minors under the age of 13 from writing for The Aesthete Magazine

Though there is no set maximum age an Aesthete member can be, the average age of our writers range from 16 to 20 years. We make it a top priority to protect our writers from harm and keep them from feeling uncomfortable throughout their work experience with us


Discord is an online chatting platform available on PCs, MACs, and most smartphone devices. The Aesthete uses Discord as our main chatting platform due to it having easy-to-use smart technology and being a free downloadable app. We use Discord for planning, organizing, assigning, reminding, and general chatting. None of the information that is given by Aesthete members in discord chats are taken outside of the setting or used in any involuntary manner. Discord’s own Privacy Policy can be found here


Any information sent to The Aesthete Magazine with the intention of being kept anonymous will not be shared with any outside forces not working within The Aesthete Magazine

For more information about Aesthete privacy, terms and conditions, and general magazine information, view our Aesthete Magazine Information Guide.

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