Save the Koalas

Dani (Featured Writer)

In the midst of the devastation brought by Covid-19 here is something good that’s bound to improve your mood! I’m not one for tears, but hearing about the scary and big fires that were happening in Australia is just terrifying. Those fires didn’t just affect people but killed many animals including one of my personal favourites, Koala bears. 

Koala Bears are mostly found in Australia. Thousands of Koala Bears were killed and injured in these fires. Only a few were fortunate enough to be rescued by shelters and animal care facilities. Some survived but were severely injured while some got rescued just in time with a few scratches. We say rest in peace to those animals that passed away, but we say welcome back to the wild to those that survived. 

Taken from Google Images; Koala receiving water in Australia

Animal hospitals immediately helped all the injured Koala Bears and some zoos stepped in as well. We can only be grateful for the hard-working people that played a part in saving the amazing koala bears. Let’s celebrate and be happy because some of the koalas which are fit and healthy enough are being released again into the wild. They are going back home to their forests. 

Imagine being away from home for so long because you’re in the hospital. That would be devastating, and that’s most likely how the animals feel as well. Our little furry and lovable Koalas are slowly being released back into the wild. Never doubt the nurturing powers of animal care centers. 

If you have a pet you will understand the importance of everyone that works towards helping all animals. Just a little story to lighten your mood and get you happy. With all the negativity in the world, all we need is a big koala bear hug.

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