Aesthete Editions

First Edition

Social & Network – Leave a Mark on the World

Stephanie’s Corner – Conforming Yourself

Twinkle’s Lane – Orphanages (A Short Story)

Elaine’s Block – Little Things That Matter

World of Writing – Beginning Writers’ Necessities

Anna’s Analysis – Beginner’s Guide to the First Draft

(Guest Author) Lilli – What People Don’t Say (Enough) About Tropes

Chloe’s Shelf – Motivation & Inspiration

Entertainment – Miscellaneous

Iman’s Space – Party Makeup Ideas

Twinkle’s Lane – American Music Awards

Second Edition

Social & Network – Stand Up for a Cause

Stephanie’s Corner – Bullying – An Inside Look

Twinkle’s Lane – Unity is Strength

Elaine’s Block – Choosing a Cause

Saranya’s Place – Breaking the Mental Health Stigma

World of Writing – New Years Writing Resolutions for 2020

Lilli (Guest Author), Anna, and Chloe – New Years Resolutions (Collaboration)

Entertainment – Relationships: How to Deal With Them

Iman’s Space – Ode to a Toad: Kiss the Frog Goodbye

(Guest Author) Uyemhi – Songs That Give Comfort When Times Are Tough


Iman’s Space – Shaky Russell: Rising Star

Iman’s Space – Our City Fires: Burning Bright

Iman’s Space – Backseat Vinyl: Taking the Wheel

Third Edition

Social & Network – Aesthete Kindness Campaign: A KIND WORD A DAY

Stephanie’s Corner – Spread Kindness to Your Loved Ones

Twinkle’s Lane – Be Kind to Your Body – The Delusion Behind Fitness

Elaine’s Block – You’ve Got Mail

Saranya’s Place – It Shall Return – Protecting the Environment

Iman’s Space – The Kindness We All Need

World of Writing – Romance in Writing

Anna’s Analysis – Chemistry Between Characters

Chloe’s Shelf- Romance Blurb and Title Tips

Entertainment – Fashion & Trends

Twinkle’s Lane – Dolly Parton Challenge for Fashiontine’s Day


Twinkle’s Lane – Entrepreneurship with Rahul Singh

Twinkle’s Lane – On: Jenna Collett’s Spellbound After Midnight – Published Author

Twinkle’s Lane – On: D.J. Harrington’s The Diseased Ones – Published Author

Twinkle’s Lane – On: K.T. Sterling – Published Author

Twinkle’s Lane – Kiri T: Hong Kong’s Music Goddess

Iman’s Space – WE THREE On Their Music

Iman’s Space – JONO SMITHERS on His Album, Honeybee

Iman’s Space – Charlie Void: Cape Town’s “It Boy”

Iman’s Space – Royal Bliss: Musical Royalty

Iman’s Space – SA_Rifa: Taking the World By Storm

Iman’s Space – Charlie Void’s NEW SINGLE “Ecstacy” Release

Iman’s Space – Grayson Rogers: Country Singer on the Rise

Iman’s Space – Hessian Renegade: Scotland’s Very Own

James’s Word – On: Samuel Dillie – Rising Author

James’s Word – The Catalyst of the UK

James’s Word – Wild Ginger Running: YouTube’s Running Star

James’s Word – On Emma K.C. Couette – Published Author


Iman’s Space – Taking a Stand for My Country

James’s Word – Season Three Sex Education Coming Soon! Teasers and Predictions

Fourth Edition

Social & Network – Discrimination

Stephanie’s Corner – Bullying – An Inside Look

Twinkle’s Lane – Gender Discrimination in Stories: A Reflection of Society

Saranya’s Place – Detrimental Impacts of Cyber Bullying in Various Age Groups

Elaine’s Block – Why Does Discrimination Happen?

Dani’s Case – A Look Inside the Mind of a BULLY

World of Writing – Youth Art Month

Anna’s Analysis – Why We Should Support Youth Art Month

James’s Word – Break (A Poetic Piece)

Entertainment – Artists on Art

Iman’s Space – Lifetimes: An Art Reflection

Romy’s Realm – 10 Songs You Didn’t Know Are Covers

Romy’s Realm – Uganda’s Brightest Shining Stars – Masaka Kids Africana

Romy’s Realm – Broadway’s Longest Running Musicals